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Soul Smith
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Build Out[edit source]

You have no need for Mana. The only fuels you use are Rage (Champion yellow bar), Focus (Warlock green bar), and Psi (Warlock primary only, green bubbles}.

Skills[edit source]

(to see Skills of Champion, see Champion Skills)

Oddly, the Champion/Warlock uses almost none of his Champion abilities (except Shield Form Shield Form) unless the mob gets too close or you get adds. In normal, steady hunting you will do almost all of your killing using your Warlock skills.

Secondary Class Basic Skills[edit source]

(to see Class General Skills of Warlock, see Warlock General Skills)

Elite Skills[edit source]

(to see Elite Skills of Champion/Warlock, see Champion/Warlock Elite Skills)

Combos[edit source]

(to see Combos of Primary Class, see Champion Combos)