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Celt Family

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see also: Highlander Family

Celt is the surname belonging to a Human family that is very fond of the Pumpkin Festival. Its elders every year send out the able family members to give out Sugarcane Candy Sugarcane Candy during this event. However, the receiver of the Sugarcane Candy Sugarcane Candy must dress up as a monster and scare them first. Just a simple costume and a "Trick or Treat!" leaves them shaking in fear. After they come back to their senses they give you your rightfully deserved candy. Do not try scaring them again the same day. If you do, you will be scolded and told to come back tomorrow. Besides, one piece of candy per day is enough...right?

The Celt family is very fond of names starting with a "K" or a "L". In fact all known members' names start with a "K" or "L" except for Jit Celt.


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This is a very big, extended family. If you are using a Transformation Potion, and tell any of the following NPCs "Trick or Treat" they will give you a piece of Sugarcane Candy Sugarcane Candy that can be given to Bob Warner [Pumpkin Festival Gift Vendor]:

Pumpkin Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Pumpkin Festival (October to November)