Celebration Certificate

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Maximum Stack Size: 100
Ghost 25.png
Celebration Certificate
Not dropped on PK death
Time 'til expiration: 15 Days
Cannot be sold
The certificate of participation for the anniversary event. Collect a certain amount and you can trade them with the Anniversary Event Host for rewards.
This item will disappear 15 days after you've obtained it, you can only exchange for rewards within this period!

Give 7 of these to the Anniversary Event Host and receive Water Element Water Element ×20, Hydro Draconaris Hydro Draconaris ×10, and one of the following gifts:

Following the Anniversary Celebration in 2016, this item began dropping in the Mirrorworld Instances so four NPCs were added (ONLY in Channel 1) in Varanas Central Plaza to redeem them:

Each NPC will exchange with you 100 times per day! There is also a server-wide limit of 5,000 total exchanges per day per NPC!

This item is not to be confused with the Frog Celebration Certificate Frog Celebration Certificate which dropped during the Anniversary Celebration.

Anniversary Celebration This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Anniversary Celebration (March)