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Watermelon Event This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Watermelon Event (Labor Day)

This page lists all items, mobs, quests, and objects related to the annual Watermelon Event. This festival is NEW CONTENT introduced in September 2019! It runs from 8/29/2019 to 9/12/2019.

We have been told that this was originally a regional event, recently translated for use on the English/EU servers.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Watermelon Event
So you want to take part in the Watermelon Event? Cool!
When the mercury rises, one of the first things that springs to mind are those cool refreshing watermelons! But did you know that if you allow watermelon seeds watermelon seeds to ripen inside monsters, they become valuable items for trade?

Make the most of that fact in this refreshing event. Watermelon Seeds Watermelon Seeds are growing in the bellies of monsters throughout Taborea. Cut them down to size and collect the seeds! Then take your loot to Hiawatha Malone in Varanas and exchange them for buffs and other great rewards.

Dramatis Personae[edit | edit source]

Watermelon Seeds[edit | edit source]

There are various types of seeds that can drop from all worthwhile mobs during this event (including Mirrorworld mobs):

Quests and Events[edit | edit source]

Dasein's Labyrinth[edit | edit source]

This is not a part of the Watermelon Event, but this year it coincides with it.

Dasein's Labyrinth is open from August 29th, 2019 to September 12th, 2019. You can use the ZONE_CUSTOM_EVENT portal to enter this zone. See Dasein's Labyrinth for more information on this event/zone.

The first entry will cost you 250,000Gold . The second will cost 1,000,000Gold , and each subsequent entry will increase until 2am (server time).

Watermelon seeds exchange[edit | edit source]

We need more watermelon seeds![edit | edit source]

Beat the Heat[edit | edit source]