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A Quest Triad is a group of three quests, usually with the same of very similar name. The first will be normal, the second Daily and the third Public. Completing the normal quest unlocks both the Daily and the Public versions.

Often, the Daily and Public versions can be done at the same time. Some cannot. Here is a general guideline:

  • Kill N of mob X - If the 2 quests ask for you to kill a number of a certain mob they can be completed together and turned in together.
  • Interact with N of object X - If the 2 quests ask for you to perform a task a number times they can be completed together and turned in together.
  • Get item X from mob Y - If the quests ask for a number of some item they must be done separately. However, late in Sarlo, and thereafter, if you have both quests in your quest journal, even if you have already done one of them once, the mobs will drop 2 of the quest item! Always remember to re-acquire the first quest after turn-in to speed up the second one!
  • Use item X to get N of item Y from mob/object Z - If the quests asks you to USE items it gives you, such as a lasso to capture mobs, you cannot do the repeatables together. When you turn-in the first quest it removes any remaining quantity of the item from your inventory. You have to acquire them sequentially or delete the second one and re-acquire it after the first turn-in.

Except for the fourth example, above, it is always safe to get both quests and run them, but when you turn the first quest in the status of the second quest may change to incomplete.

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