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Spring Rain Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Spring Rain Festival (April to May)

The Spring Festival

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and bees are buzzing, so the natives are getting restless. Jump into all the exciting activities waiting for you in Varanas and the Obsidian Stronghold. It's time for the Spring Festival: find the lost wabbits, collect rainbow eggs or fight dastardly goblins.

Earth Spirit Crystal Earth Spirit Crystal may be exchanged for gifts with Lina Wabbit in Varanas or Nier Wabbit in Obsidian Stronghold.

Varanas Central Plaza[edit | edit source]

Jaden Angus [Spring Rain Festival Manager]

Lina Wabbit

Bringing back the Wabbits[edit | edit source]

Register with the Chief Wabbit, Kekai Wabbit in Silverfall. He will give you Empty Pet Box Empty Pet Box ×5. Now go into New Moon Forest to look for Lost Wabbits. Target one and use the empty box to bring them back. Return to Kekai Wabbit when you have found 5. This may be done once per day.

Stolen Rainbow Egg[edit | edit source]

Hidden Valley Mines
Go to Hidden Valley Mines and punish goblins. Catch a Goblin Egg Thief (3 Elite) and he will drop a Stolen Rainbow Egg Stolen Rainbow Egg. If you cannot find any more thieves, kill the other goblins and they will respawn as Thieves.

Take 10 Stolen Rainbow Egg Stolen Rainbow Eggs to Lina Wabbit in Varanas or Nier Wabbit in Obsidian Stronghold. Although you can farm the Thieves for eggs all day long, you can only exchange 10 eggs for Earth Spirit Crystal Earth Spirit Crystal ×3 and an Empty Magical Bag Empty Magical Bag once per day.

Gathering the leaves[edit | edit source]

Requires an Empty Magical Bag Empty Magical Bag (a reward from returning Stolen Rainbow Egg Stolen Rainbow Eggs)

  • Click on the upper branches of the Rainbow Tree next to the Windmill in Logar to gather leaves. You will need to climb the rainbow ladder to the crown of the tree (pure Mario-skillz. Jump from pad to pad till you reach the top, then onto the branch to get the leaves). Bring the Filled Magical Bag back to Gaia Wabbit (right there in Logar or Lina Wabbit for your reward.
  • Rewards:
    • Blessing of the Spring Rain Festival (random? effect)
      • Forget-me-not Dreamland (30% riding speed increase for 60 minutes)
    • Earth Spirit Crystal Earth Spirit Crystal ×3

Happy Digging[edit | edit source]

Helen's Farm
Find the Wabbit at Helen's Farm and he may lead you to a place where interesting (Earth Spirit Crystal Earth Spirit Crystal) things are hidden.

This event takes place three times each day: at 11am, 4pm and 8pm (PST). There are three Wabbits at the farm (plus two managers). When the time arrives, talk to one of the three smaller Wabbits. He will then tell you to follow him and take off, leading you to the first patch of ground with five suspicious mounds of earth. Target reticules will appear on each with a bouncing orange arrow. Put your mouse over the arrow and, when the mouse cursor changes to a pickaxe, click. Each time you dig you may get: Nothing, A small, medium or large bomb, a snail that attacks you (3 Elite), a Phirius Elixir - Type A Phirius Elixir - Type A or Phirius Potion - Type A Phirius Potion - Type A, or one Earth Spirit Crystal Earth Spirit Crystal. Depending on how many others are there, digging, you should have time to click on three mounds before they vanish. Each Wabbit will go to four places before that round ends. You can run back to the farm and repeat as many times as you can squeeze into the hour.

Costume Potions[edit | edit source]

The Gift Box rewards can contain a bag that, when opened, gives you one of the following:

Generally, all costume potions have a 15 minute duration.

Dress Boxes[edit | edit source]

The Gift Box rewards can contain a Dress Box that, when opened, gives you one of the following:

Dress Box costumes are all Item Shop Items and are permanent. As such, they are the real Treasure from this event and are highly sought after.

Wabbit Pursuit Event[edit | edit source]

This event runs daily from 9pm to midnight (server time) with a new match beginning every 10 minutes. Speak to Clifford Sharansk in Varanas to sign up.

Can't find the event course? That's okay, Boolea Mary will transport you there from Varanas Gates.

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