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Pet Crystal - Fire Pyro Draconaris 
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Spring Rain Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Spring Rain Festival (April to May)

In 2020, the Spring Rain Festival began on April 8th (patch

The Spring Festival

Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and bees are buzzing, so the natives are getting restless. Jump into all the exciting activities waiting for you in Varanas and the Obsidian Stronghold. It's time for the Spring Festival: find the lost wabbits, collect rainbow eggs or fight dastardly goblins.

Earth Spirit Crystal Earth Spirit Crystal ×12 may be exchanged for gifts with Lina Wabbit in Varanas or Nier Wabbit in Obsidian Stronghold.

Boosts event[edit | edit source]

Between 19.04.2019 00:00 AM and 22.04.2019 11:59 PM (local server time respectively) you can look forward to an experience and talent point event: experience points you earn on quests and in combat will be increased by 200%, while you earn 500% more talent points in combat. You can also take advantage of a 200% increased drop rate!

Easter Gift[edit | edit source]

There’s a surprise in store for you every day between 19.04.2019 and 22.04.2019, and you can look forward to various useful items to help you on your adventures. If you have multiple characters on your account, the presents will land in the mailbox of the first character you log in with. Even if you miss a day during this period, it won’t have any effect on the remaining presents.

Mysterious Auras[edit | edit source]

Take part in the Mysterious Auras Event to get yourself in the rhythm ready for the challenging encounters. Fight in the following instances between 16.04.2019 (after the maintenance) and 23.04.2019 (until the maintenance):

Have fun!

The RoM Team

Item Shop[edit | edit source]

The following items were added to the Item Shop in 2019.

Costume Potions[edit | edit source]

The Gift Box rewards can contain a bag that, when opened, gives you one of the following:

Generally, all costume potions have a 15 minute duration.

Dress Boxes[edit | edit source]

The Gift Box rewards can contain a Dress Box that, when opened, gives you one of the following:

Dress Box costumes are all Item Shop Items and are permanent. As such, they are the real Treasure from this event and are highly sought after.

Quests & Tasks[edit | edit source]

Varanas Central Plaza[edit | edit source]

Jaden Angus [Spring Rain Festival Manager]

Lina Wabbit [Spring Rain Festival Manager]

Howling Mountains[edit | edit source]

The Murder Bunny[edit | edit source]


Help Conjurer Tom defeat the Murder Bunny (aka Vorpal Bunny!) and save the countless lives of Varanas citizens. But beware his HUGE FANGS!

You must defeat the Murder Bunny before it kills 100 Varanas Soldiers. The Murder Bunny is level 115 but worry not, brave knight! The way forward is not conflict, but exactly following the directions from Conjurer Tom and using the Hallowed Hand Grenade correctly!

You have a row of special skills, but every time you move, they shuffle! You need to find the right skills and use them in the correct order:

  1. Move close enough but not too close!
  2. target the Murder Bunny
  3. Target a Varanas Soldier to use him as a human shield
  4. Press "Pull the Pin"
  5. Press "Count to 3"
  6. At this time you will "Lobbeth the Hallowed Hand Grenade towards mine enemies who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it." (all say "Amen!")
- Expeditions manual: Chapter 2, Sections 9-21

This event was introduced in 2020, and it very closely follows the famous Vorpal Bunny scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Gathering the leaves[edit | edit source]

Requires an Empty Magical Bag Empty Magical Bag (a reward from returning Stolen Rainbow Eggs)

  • Click on the upper branches of the Rainbow Tree next to the Windmill in Logar to gather leaves. You will need to climb the rainbow ladder to the crown of the tree (pure Mario-skillz. Jump from pad to pad till you reach the top, then onto the branch to get the leaves). Bring the Filled Magical Bag back to Gaia Wabbit (right there at the base of the tree in Logar) or Lina Wabbit (back in Varanas Central Plaza) for your reward.
  • This is one of those damn hopping games. Unless your computer is elite and your internet connection flawless you will never make it to the top. I actually made all the stones up to the branch, but failed every time I tried to jump onto the branch.
  • Rewards:
    • Blessing of the Spring Rain Festival (random? effect)
      • Forget-me-not Dreamland (30% riding speed increase for 60 minutes)
    • Earth Spirit Crystal Earth Spirit Crystal ×3

Happy Digging[edit | edit source]

Helen's Farm
Find the Wabbit at Helen's Farm and he may lead you to a place where interesting (Earth Spirit Crystal Earth Spirit Crystal) things are hidden.

This event takes place three times each day: 11am/4pm/8pm (PST), 1pm/6pm/10pm (CST), or 2pm/7pm/11pm (EST). There are three Wabbits at the farm (plus two managers). When the time arrives, talk to one of the three smaller Wabbits. He will then tell you to follow him and take off, leading you to the first patch of ground with five suspicious mounds of earth. Target reticules will appear on each with a bouncing orange arrow. Put your mouse over the arrow and, when the mouse cursor changes to a pickaxe, click. Each time you dig you may get: Nothing, A small, medium or large bomb, a snail that attacks you (3 Elite), a Phirius Elixir - Type A Phirius Elixir - Type A or Phirius Potion - Type A Phirius Potion - Type A, or one Earth Spirit Crystal Earth Spirit Crystal. Depending on how many others are there, digging, you should have time to click on three mounds before they vanish. Each Wabbit will go to four places before that round ends. You can run back to the farm and repeat as many times as you can squeeze into the hour.

Wabbit Pursuit[edit | edit source]

This event runs daily from 9pm to midnight (server time) with a new match beginning every 10 minutes. Speak to Clifford Sharansk in Varanas Administration District to sign up.

  • Rewards: item name needed

Can't find the event course? That's okay, Boolea Mary will transport you there from Varanas Gates.

Hunt transformed players and collect points.

Petal Gathering[edit | edit source]

Speak to Lina Wabbit in Varanas Central Plaza or Nier Wabbit in Obsidian Stronghold.

In Logar, find and collect Rainbow Petals.

  • Reward: item name needed

Varanas Bridge[edit | edit source]

Rainbow Egg Graffiti[edit | edit source]

Speak to Cecil Owanni [Painting Expert], then venture out into Silverspring and collect flowers for paint (Resplendant Petal Resplendant Petal ×6), give the petals to Cecil Owanni, then get Colored Paint and a Pure White Egg from a Painting Master (Luna Jones in Varanas Lower City East, Juliana Shioth or Kewalt Shioth in Varanas Lower City West, or Jastich Morgan or Nagil Morgan outside Varanas Hall of the Eye of Wisdom in Varanas Administration District), ask for help, then take Unfinished Rainbow Egg back to Cecil Owanni.

  • Reward: Earth Spirit Crystal Earth Spirit Crystal
    • Quantity received is based on current Egg painting completion rate.
    • The more days in a row that you complete this task, the higher the egg painting completion rate gets.

Jump! Jump! Wabbits![edit | edit source]

Speak to Danny Wabbit [Spring Rain Festival Event Official], then find the wabbit in Silverspring and follow him.

  • Reward: item name needed

Ethereal Spectrum Chicken[edit | edit source]

Speak to Angela Bix. While transformed into a wabbit, find the Ethereal Spectrum Chicken and collect eggs.

Give Angela Bix a Sublime Fire Dance Chicken Egg.

Wabbit Defense Battle / Wabbit Game[edit | edit source]

Speak to Yakubi Wabbit. "Tower Defense" game. Defend the wabbits from the invading turtles.

  • Reward: item name needed

Howling Mountains[edit | edit source]

Hidden Valley Mines[edit | edit source]

in southern Howling Mountains.

Stolen Rainbow Eggs[edit | edit source]

Speak to Lina Wabbit in Varanas Central Plaza or Nier Wabbit in Obsidian Stronghold.

Go to Hidden Valley Mines and punish goblins. Catch a Goblin Egg Thief (3 Elite) and he will drop a Stolen Rainbow Egg Stolen Rainbow Egg. If you cannot find any more thieves, kill the other goblins and they will respawn as Thieves.

Take 10 Stolen Rainbow Egg Stolen Rainbow Eggs to Lina Wabbit in Varanas or Nier Wabbit in Obsidian Stronghold. Although you can farm the Thieves for eggs all day long, you can only exchange 10 eggs for Earth Spirit Crystal Earth Spirit Crystal ×3 and an Empty Magical Bag Empty Magical Bag once per day.

Dust Devil Canyon[edit | edit source]

Obsidian Stronghold[edit | edit source]

Great Wabbit Sendoff[edit | edit source]

Speak to Jessica Bunni. Find the wabbits in Thunderhoof Hills and bring them home.

  • Reward: item name needed

Aslan Valley[edit | edit source]

Silverfall[edit | edit source]

Bringing back the Wabbits[edit | edit source]

Register with Kekai Wabbit [Chief of the Wabbits], in Silverfall. He will give you Empty Pet Box Empty Pet Box ×5. Now go into New Moon Forest to look for Lost Wabbits. Target one and use the empty box to get a Found Wabbit. Return to Kekai Wabbit when you have found 5. This may be done once per day.

Thunderhoof Hills[edit | edit source]

Speak to Jessica Bunni. Find the wabbits in Thunderhoof Hills and bring them home. There are three groups of Wabbits. You only need to help ONE of them.

  • A Wabbit doing some sightseeing
  • A Wabbit couple
  • A band of good Wabbit friends


  • IF the Wabbit(s) were safely delivered to home: item name needed
  • IF the Wabbit(s) home was not found: Egg of Bad Intentions ×2 - Transforms target into a Wabbit, but renders them unable to move, attack, or be attacked, for 60 seconds.

Wabbit Holes[edit | edit source]

The following are all in Thunderhoof Hills. We think these are the destinations for the Wabbits in the above group. Apparently you do not even need to see the target, just get near them and your Wabbit will go home.

Abandoned District of Dalanis[edit | edit source]

Big Egg Giveaway[edit | edit source]

Speak to Ayester Bunni in Abandoned District of Dalanis to get Spring Rain Festival Rainbow Egg Pending Dispatch ×3. in the open field south of the city, find Egg-Hiding Wabbit and click on him to give him a Spring Rain Festival Rainbow Egg Pending Dispatch. Do this three times, then return to Ayester Bunni