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Snowflake Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Snowflake Festival (December to January)
Below is how this page appeared in 2017.

In 2017 the Snowflake Festival ran from December 13th to January 11th, and was followed by the Festival of Fire.

Zachariel was a Great Mage of the Eye of Wisdom from the time 400 years ago when the Eye of Wisdom was still residing on the Kolydian continent. He was well known because of his benevolent deeds. In the midst of a harsh winter he would provide the needy with supplies.

Once the people of the Eye of Wisdom had come to Candara, they decided to keep this habit in order to foster a peaceful relationship with the local people. When the season of heavy snow had come they would, just as Zachariel had done, wear a red robe and provide the local people with supplies. This gesture helped many endure the long winters and also built trust between the people and the Eye of Wisdom. Soon we were doing this every winter and it became a custom and was named the Snowflake Festival.

After the Phirius Workshops had been set up, they meant to take advantage of this custom and decided to make some modifications to the red robe and thereafter let their people wear these robes while delivering presents to little children. Their actions won many praises from the people and also allowed them to make more money.

The Phirius Workshops taking a fancy to this custom would make the Snowflake Festival an even bigger event in the years to come. Each year more and more people took part in these activities creating this wonderful and exciting atmosphere that we can experience during the winter season nowadays.

During this time of year every mob in the game (so long as it is green or better to you) has a chance to drop Ic Unknown Gifts. Take these to Kolu Max or Koli Max to exchange them for Snowflake Tree ornaments! See Snowflake Tree Decoration.

Ic Lost Gifts are dropped by Bad Jingle Brothers in Howling Mountains, Ystra Highlands, Silverspring and Aslan Valley. Beware! While Bad Jingle Brothers are only level 5 in Howling Mountains, they are level 30 in Ystra Highlands!

The Bad Jingle Brothers will always be in the same spot, so once you find them you can build them into a route and just keep moving from spawn to spawn. For instance, in Howling Mountains there are six. Three are north of Logar: Barrow around 31.8, 14.3, just off the road in the Boar area at 45.5, 29.1, and in Sevaida Woods at . Three are South of Logar: Just north of Pioneers Colony, and two more to the south of the path from there to Logar.

World Search will only see three, one in each of Howling Mountains, Aslan Valley, and Dust Devil Canyon.

Check your Daily Loyalty Bonus for Advent gifts from the RoM Team from 12/1/2016 to 12/24/2016!

Item Shop[edit | edit source]

The following items have been placed in the Item Shop for the season.

Gift Mail From Devs[edit | edit source]

Each day, from December 15th to January 1st, the first character to login will receive a gift, attached to an email, from your Secret Santa.

Dramatis Personae[edit | edit source]

In Varanas Central Plaza you will find a number of NPCs to talk to about the Snowflake Festival!

Jack Shackleton [Snowflake Festival Manager] in Varanas Central Plaza (or Amanda Shackleton [Snowflake Festival Manager] in Silverfall) will tell you about Andrew Dell, the head of the Phirius Workshops in Candara, and what he needs help with, or you can get your reward. You can also talk to his brother,Angus Shackleton in Thunderhoof Hills.

Festival Reward Exchange Certificate

Nina Berlusco [Phirius Workshops] (near Kolu Max) - She will take any Festival Fireworks you have and exchange them for something better.

When you claim your reward with a Rank 6 certificate buff, the certificate vanishes.

Daily Checklist[edit | edit source]

  1. In Varanas Central Plaza
    1. IF you have 10, 20, or 50 Lost Gifts Lost Gifts, you can give them to Jingle Brother - Mark
    2. IF you have 10, 30, or 50 Unknown Gifts Unknown Gifts, you can give them to Kolu Max for a Showflake Tree decoration
      1. Hang the Snowflake Tree Decoration on the Blessing Snowflake Tree
      2. Collect a reward from the Blessing Snowflake Tree
    3. Hand in Festival Fireworks ×5 to Nina Berlusco to raise your rank (you may want to do this later, since your Festival Reward Exchange Certificate lasts exactly 24 hours, and you can't hand it in until daily reset, wait until close to expiration to hand in the next day's Fireworks!)
    4. While here, gather all 4 gifts
  2. Talk to Andrew Dell on Varanas Bridge and accept all 3 of his tasks.
  3. In Logar
    1. Pick up your gifts at the tree in town
    2. Go west to kobold mines and get Magical Stone Magical Stone ×5 (build up a reserve, but do not spend all day here!)
  4. Go to Silverfall, then to Harf Trading Post
    1. perform [Event Daily] The Gift of Snow from Mahar and get Moer's Snowman Moer's Snowman
    2. Capture the 8 Reindeer for Andrew Bell
    3. gather 4 gifts from under the tree
    4. Speak to Donichuka, accept her task, give her Slippery Boar Oil Slippery Boar Oil ×10 (or go free the stuck Jingle Brothers), speak to her again to be sent back to Varanas Central Plaza
  5. Go to Varanas Lower City East and deliver Moer's Snowman Moer's Snowman to Moer to receive an Ancient Treasure Key Ancient Treasure Key
  6. Go to Varanas Gates
    1. Talk to Andrew Dell on Varanas Bridge and complete all 3 tasks.
  7. Go to Varanas Central Plaza
    1. Speak to the Snowland Explorer Transporter to be sent to Snowland
      1. Be sure to speak with Snowland Survival Instructor each day to collect Firewood for Making a Fire Firewood for Making a Fire ×10 each day
      2. Perform as many Snowland quests as you can
      3. Speak to the Snowland Explorer Transporter to be sent back to Varanas Central Plaza
  8. Go to Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan, the Thunderhoof Hills (4,400Gold )
    1. Speak to Pak Dicca about Adopting a Deer and perform the quest he gives you to increase rank in Deer Adoption.
  9. Return to your current experience zone and grind mobs to get Unknown Gift Unknown Gifts and Sled Fragment Sled Fragments

Blessings[edit | edit source]

In addition to whatever rewards they offer, some of the NPCs below may feel moved to Bless you with a one-hour buff.

  • Language of Congratulation: Increase Drop Rate by 35%
  • Language of Splendidness: Increase Drop Rate by 85%

Gifts of the Snowflake Tree:

  • Snowflake Festival Blessings: Increase Riding Speed by 10%
  • Snowflake Festival Blessings: Increase Maximum HP by 100 points
  • Snowflake Festival Blessings: Regenerate an additional 6 HP every 2 seconds
  • Snowflake Festival Blessings: Regenerate an additional 6 MP every 2 seconds

New Year's Eve:

  • New Year's Blessings: XP and TP gain +10% for 30 minutes
  • New Year's Eve Blessings: XP and TP gain +20% for 3 days

Language of Congratulation
Language of Spendidness
Snowflake Festival Blessings
Snowflake Festival Blessings
Snowflake Festival Blessings
New Year's Blessings
New Year's Eve Blessings
Congratulation Splendidness Blessings Blessings Blessings New Year's New Year's Eve

Desserts[edit | edit source]

There are a number of Candy and Cookie items available from this event:

Costumes[edit | edit source]

There are four costume sets available for each gender.

Events[edit | edit source]

Collecting Christmas Presents[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Open world
  • NPC: None

All mobs have a chance to drop Ic Unknown Gift. Take them to Kalu Max at the Snowflake Tree in Varanas or Kali Max at the Snowflake Tree in Thunderhoof Hills.

He will take them in quantities of 10, 30 or 50.

Once per day you get a Ic Goody-Goody Certificate, along with other presents, including a decoration for the tree. See Snowflake Tree Decoration.

Collecting Gifts[edit | edit source]

There are 4 packages available, one from each of the four Snowflake Festival Gifts, all with the same name but different icons. The icons match the in-game appearance of the object they came from.

You may click on each of the four boxes once per day, receiving Snowflake Festival Package Snowflake Festival Package ×4 each day and from each location.

Items received from the 4 Packages come from the same list and all items expire 7 days after the box is opened. You will receive 1 to 4 of an item from the following list:

Jingle Brothers Stuck in Chimneys[edit | edit source]

She tells you that there are Jingle Brothers stuck in chimneys and she needs Ic Slippery Boar Oil to free them. She also says how many are stuck in each town and promises a grand reward if you can free all of them (you can only free one per day, though).

There are 4 stuck in Logar, 3 in Silverfall, and 3 in Harf Trading Post. This is a jumping game. You have to work your way up to the roofs to get to each Jingle Brother.

Get Ic Slippery Boar Oil x10 from Boars in Howling Mountains, Silverspring, and Aslan Valley.

If you want the easy reward without all the jumping, just give the boar oil to Donichiuka and get your Ic Red Snowflake Festival Stocking.

If you choose to "Volunteer to Help" she takes your Ic Slippery Boar Oil x10 and you receive Ic Special Boar Oil Mix x10 and can now proceed to try to rescue the 10 Jingle Brothers. See Rescuing the Jingle Brothers

After turn-in, Donichuka will gladly transport you to Varanas Central Plaza for free!

Varanas Gates[edit | edit source]

Save the Snowflake Gifts[edit | edit source]

Varanas Central Plaza[edit | edit source]

New Year's Eve event[edit | edit source]


Goblin Bank Robbery[edit | edit source]

You may find a large Goblin Robber (15) in the bank, fighting the Bank Guards. Defeat him and he shouts ULTIMATE ... SKILL ... !! INTO PIECES!! and he bursts into dozens of small Goblin Robbers who yell Bye-bye! and run for the exits. Click on as many Goblin Robbers as you can to get a Ic Money Bag from each. Give these to a Bank Guard for a Ic Snowflake Festival Package.

NOTE: Thanks to the lag caused by that many mobs appearing and moving, this is almost impossible to do on older PCs.

Snowflake Tree Decoration[edit | edit source]

You can give him 10, 30 or 50 Ic Unknown Gifts to receive an ornament.

However many you give him, you also receive a Ic Goody-Goody Certificate but only with the first exchange per day.

ONCE PER DAY you can click on Splendid Snowflake Tree in Varanas Central Plaza or the Wishing Snowflake Tree at Dalanis Gates to "decorate the Snowflake Tree" (you need an ornament) or "Receive the gift from the Snowflake Tree" (you must have "decorated" the tree first!).

The gift you receive does not depend on the Ornament you used, but the quantity does! Item selection (1-3 items) is random from the following list:.

Great Snowball Fight[edit | edit source]

Ban Hits Transformed
Ban Hits Transformed
  • Location: Varanas Central Plaza
  • NPC: Paige Gingerbread [Great Snowball Fight Announcer]
  • Entry times: 00:00-01:00, 04:00-05:00; 08:00-09:00; 12:00-13:00; 16:00-17:00; 20:00-21:00 (PST, add 2 hours for CST, 3 hours for EST)
    • Worldwide Announcement 30 minutes before start time
    • Registration opens 10 minutes before start time
  • Ban: You are banned from using any class skills inside the Snowflake Arena
  • Maximum Reward: Festival Fireworks Festival Fireworks ×5 plus Goody-Goody Certificates Goody-Goody Certificates ×20 (Min: 1)

You may enter the Snowflake Arena up to 10 minutes before the fight starts!

Talk to Paige Gingerbread to be teleported to Snowflake Arena where you will have to defeat new enemies! Your end score is determined by combining amounts of how many times you hit the enemies (Hits) and how many times you were hit by the enemy monsters (Transformation Counter).

In each wave you will face:

  1. Wave One: 2 Gingerbread Houses
    • Despite the fact that the two Houses are almost on top of each other, you do NOT get 2 Hits per Snowball
  2. Wave Two: a Giant Gingerbread Man
  3. Wave Three: many small Gingerbread Men

Weaponry and Defenses:

Speak to Paige Gingerbread after the fight to get Festival Fireworks Festival Fireworks ×5 and a number of Goody-Goody Certificates Goody-Goody Certificates based on your score (Goody-Goody Certificates Goody-Goody Certificates+1/10 points, rounded up, to a max of 20).

BIG HINT: Because the rewards are based on number of hits rounded up, you get more Goody-Goody Certificates Goody-Goody Certificates by hitting an enemy once, then exiting and collecting rewards, then re-entering (even if you got Transformed)! Using this method, in a single 1-hour session, on an older computer without an SSD, I made Goody-Goody Certificates Goody-Goody Certificates ×62

Snowland[edit | edit source]

Talk to the Snowland Explorer Transporter to be transported to Khazor's Watchtower in Snowland (an exact copy of Ystra Highlands but with different mobs and quests). All quests in this zone are repeatable ONCE PER DAY.

Note: You cannot ride a mount in this zone, nor can you use any of your class skills.

Lighting a Fire: In order to light a fire you must use Ic Firewood for Making a Fire, and then Ic Mr. Magga's Common Tool Set. It does not last very long (30 seconds?), goes out the moment you step away and cannot be re-lit, but it will give you a moments breathing space to thaw out.

Bitterly Cold
Frozen Stiff

While in this zone you will see an effect on your Effects Bar called "Warmth". This has a 3 second duration and, while you are near a fire, refreshes every two seconds and reduces 4 stacks of "Bitterly Cold" per second. If you are away from a source of fire, every second without "Warmth" adds a stack of "Bitterly Cold", which slows your Movement Speed. Eventually, if the stack gets to 30, you are "Frozen Stiff" and, after 30 seconds, you become numb and pass out. Don't worry, some kind pioneer or adventurer finds you and takes you back to the bonfire at Khazor's Watchtower where you recover. This does not affect XP or TP Debt.

Any source of "Warmth" will keep you alive, including a bonfire, a torch along the road, a hand-built campfire (see Lighting a Fire, above), or Ic Venison Soup

The three greatest hazards of everywhere away from a fire, outside of freezing to death, are the Winter Ice Crystals, the Snow Bears, and the Snowland Mad Rabbits.

  • Winter Ice Crystal - If you see a message that says you feel the temperature drop suddenly, you are near a Winter Ice Crystal! Smack it before it touches you, or you will be Frozen Stiff!
  • Snow Bear - These bears have never forgotten great-grandbear Smokey's warnings about forest fires, and so they will put out any fire they see (especially the one you just barely got lit). If you can talk to the bear before he reaches you, he realizes your fire is not unattended and he leaves you alone.
  • Snowland Mad Rabbit - He may be very, very late, but that is no excuse for rude behavior! If one of these gets close he will run you over, stunning you for 2 seconds (Little Rabbit's Hammerhead). In the cold those 2 seconds can be a real buzz-kill! Here's the good part, though. If you can click on it before it reaches you, you will smote it and it may drop a Ic Firewood for Making a Fire!

As you explore Snowland, be on the lookout for a Treasure Chest Covered in Snow!

Khazor's Watchtower[edit | edit source]

Snowland Explorer Transporter [Phirius Snowland Pioneer] will return you to Varanas Central Plaza

Snowland Survival Instructor [Phirius Snowland Pioneer] gives you Ic Firewood for Making a Fire x10 and Ic Mr. Magga's Common Tool Set. He will do this once per day.

Snowland Supply Officer [Phirius Snowland Pioneer] will exchange Ic Frost Reward Ticket x10 for a Ic Icy Snowland Reward Supply Package and Ic Pyro Draconaris x10.

Experienced Old Man [Phirius Snowland Pioneer] asks you to bring him any Ic Mr. Magga's Common Tool Set you find in Frostwood Valley.

Snowland Notice Board

Captain Ganper [Phirius Snowland Pioneer]

Bano Wast [Ecology Researcher]

Kyde [Snowland Pioneer]

Gudalfo Reed [Seasoned Explorer]

Shaunee Gorlo [Snowland Pioneer]

  1. [1][Event Daily] The Girl Who Lights up Firewood - Find Cinny, save her and get Ic Magic Firewood Ashes
  2. [1][Event Daily] The Little Girl's Wishes - Collect the girl's three wishes, then discover her true wish

Snowland Energy Researcher [Ecology Researcher]

Garry Hurton

Harf Trading Post[edit | edit source]

Snowland Energy Researcher [Phirius Snowland Pioneer]

Sea of Snow Camp[edit | edit source]

Bael Freigh [Phirius Snowland Pioneer]
unlocked the first time you complete Situation in the Camp

Sea of Snow[edit | edit source]

Snowland Energy Researcher [Phirius Snowland Pioneer]

Winternight Valley Camp[edit | edit source]

The Mysterious Treasure Chest, behind the big skeleton, requires the Secret Treasure Key Secret Treasure Key. You can get this by handing in both the Silver Key Silver Key and the Golden Key Golden Key for Make Headway to Harf

Wicked Merchants' Leader

Jak Lightear [Phirius Snowland Pioneer]

Shirley Gaun [Snowland Survey Team]

Chuck Hotpot [Black Heart Employee]
unlocked the first time you complete Digging for Hot Springs

Tower of Wailing Wind[edit | edit source]

Throughout the tower you may find Treasure Chests Covered in Snow and, in the room at the top of the tower, the Snowland Treasure.

Beware the Gargoyles as any use of fire near them will awaken them and cause them to attack, but your Mr. Magga's Common Tool Set Mr. Magga's Common Tool Set can kill them!

Ystra Highlands[edit | edit source]

Gift from the Snow[edit | edit source]

She also gives you Ic Moer's Snowman and asks you to deliver it to Moer in Varanas Lower City East. Don't dawdle, the Ic Moer's Snowman will expire in 60 minutes! She gives you an Ic Ancient Treasure Key for your trouble.

Hold on to the keys you earn! You will need these keys to open any Andrew's Gift Boxes Andrew's Gift Boxes that you earn during this festival!

Snowball Fight with the Frost Snowman King[edit | edit source]

Thunderhoof Hills[edit | edit source]

Adopting a Deer[edit | edit source]

Deer Adoption

When you complete a Deer Feed quest you get a 48-hour "buff" on your effects bar, "Deer Adoption". You need to return the next day after the Daily reset and complete another Daily before this buff expires. The highest you can get the rank of "Deer Adoption" to is 6. When it would be increased to 7 it vanishes, resetting to null.

Every time you complete one of the Deer Feed quests you will receive some gift of appreciation. The value of this gift increases with your Deer Adoption rank at the time. Below are some of the gifts that have been received and the Deer Adoption rank before it was increased:

Sometimes you get 2 gifts. When this happens you will also get an extra boost of +1 to your Deer Adoption rank. Also, at each rank, you have a chance to pick up a Ic Goody-Goody Certificate.

About Travel: There is no Event or Snoop Portal to transport directly to Dalanis Gates from Varanas. Your two options are: snoop to Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan then to Thunderhoof Hills from there, or use your Transport Book to get to Dalanis Gates (you did remember to drop ink there, right?). One costs 4,400Gold  and the other costs a Ic Transport Rune. Use Recall Recall to get back to Varanas (or wherever you are registered).

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