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For another way to get materials, see Planting and Seeds
Gathering Skills
Herbalism (Gathering)
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There are 3 Gathering Skills used to collect raw crafting materials: Herbalism, Mining, and Woodcutting. Each has a matching Refining skill: Extraction, Smelting, and Woodcrafting. Planting can also provide raw crafting materials.

A general rule is that Rare Resource Nodes will yield 3 attempts and the rest will give you 6. There is some variation due to buffs you may have, whether you fail on any attempts, and the whims of the RNG.

Regarding placement of nodes, there is a reason to it. Ore will be on rocky outcroppings, at the base of cliff sides, or in the mountains. Wood nodes will be found by large trees. Herbs may be found almost anywhere, but tend to lie in or around grass. All resources will tend to sparkle a bit and are usually colored strikingly so they are not too hard to see. Be sure to watch for the icons on your minimap to help you locate them.

A given node, once harvested, will always respawn as a node of the same type. There is always a chance that when it does it will be a Rare Resource Node. The time until respawn appears to be totally random for each node and may be anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

Normal refined materials can be purchased from Nassi Woram [Honor Materials Merchant] at Obsidian Stronghold Mercenary Square in Dust Devil Canyon .

Note: When you reach the next rank (at 20, 40, 60, 80) you can still harvest without training but you cannot gain Experience until you see your Crafting Skill Instructor, perform a quest to prove your skill and rise to the next rank. See Crafting (Quest Series)

Skill and Resource Nodes Common Zones
Woodcutting Mining Herbalism
Apprentice or Novice (1-20)
1 Ash Wood [RP] Zinc Ore [RP] Mountain Demon Grass [RP] Howling Mountains, Sascilia Steppes, Elven Island, Yrvandis Hollows
Chime Wood [RP] Flame Dust [RP] Rosemary [RP] Howling Mountains, Silverspring, Sascilia Steppes, Elven Island, Yrvandis Hollows
8 Willow Wood [RP] Tin Ore [RP] Beetroot [RP] Howling Mountains(north of Logar), Silverspring, Sascilia Steppes (west of Gurla Caravan), Elven Island, Yrvandis Hollows
Stone Rotan Wood [RP] Cyanide [RP] Bison Grass [RP] Howling Mountains (north of Logar), Silverspring, Aslan Valley, Sascilia Steppes, Elven Island
14 Maple Wood [RP] Iron Ore [RP] Bitterleaf [RP] Northern Silverspring, Southern Sascilia Steppes, Northern Aslan Valley
20 Oak Wood [RP] Copper Ore [RP] Moxa [RP] Central Aslan Valley, Western Dragonfang Ridge, southeast Coast of Opportunity
20 Bring Me Ash Bring Me Zinc Bring Me Mountain Demon Grass Skill Advancement Quests
Craftsman (20-40)
Redwood [RP] Rock Crystal [RP] Foloin Nuts [RP] Aslan Valley, Dragonfang Ridge, Ystra Highlands, central Coast of Opportunity (around Lyonsyde Tribe)
26 Pine Wood [RP] Dark Crystal [RP] Dusk Orchid [RP] Southern Aslan Valley, Ystra Highlands, Eastern Dragonfang Ridge (north of Snow Mountain Logging Area), central Coast of Opportunity (around Lyonsyde Tribe)
Dragon Beard Root Wood [RP] Mysticite [RP] Green Thistle [RP] Aslan Valley, Ystra Highlands, Dust Devil Canyon, Ravenfell, central Coast of Opportunity
32 Holly Wood [RP] Silver Ore [RP] Barsaleaf [RP] Ystra Highlands (Sea of Snow), Dragonfang Ridge(Awerka Tundra), western Coast of Opportunity (around Desert Investigation Post)
38 Yew [RP] Wizard-Iron Ore [RP] Moon Orchid [RP] Ystra Highlands (North of Harf Trading Post), Dust Devil Canyon, Ravenfell (Nameless Port, Storm Pass, Wing Lake, Sand Scorpion Plains), Coast of Opportunity (Quodate Plains near Fanger's Makeshift Camp)
40 Learn From Wood Digging Deep An Exacting Attitude Skill Advancement Quests
Expert (40-60)
Sagewood [RP] Mithril [RP] Straw Mushroom [RP] Ystra Highlands, Dragonfang Ridge(Cyclops Stronghold),Dust Devil Canyon, Ravenfell, Weeping Coast (south of Boulderwind Village)
44 Tarslin Demon Wood [RP] Moon Silver Ore [RP] Sinners Palm [RP] Dragonfang Ridge(Cyclops Stronghold), Dust Devil Canyon (East of Obsidian Stronghold), Ravenfell, Weeping Coast (south of Boulderwind Village),Savage Lands
51 Dragonlair Wood [RP] Abyssal Mercury Ore [RP] Dragon Mallow [RP] Weeping Coast (north of Boulderwind Village),Savage Lands, Aotulia Volcano, Thunderhoof Hills, Southern Janost Forest, Xaviera
Fairywood [RP] Frost Crystal [RP] Mirror Sedge [RP] Weeping Coast,Savage Lands, Aotulia Volcano, Thunderhoof Hills, Southern Janost Forest, Northern Janost Forest, Xaviera
57/56 † Ancient Spirit Oak Wood [RP] Rune Obsidian Ore [RP] Thorn Apple [RP] Northern Janost Forest, Limo Desert
60 Legendary Wood Knowledge Knowledge of Rare Minerals Mysterious Herbal Knowledge Skill Advancement Quests
Master (60-80)
Aeontree Wood [RP] Mica [RP] Goblin Grass [RP] Redhill Mountains, Tergothen Bay, Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan
63/61 †† Fastan Banyan [RP] Olivine [RP] Verbena [RP] Land of Malevolence, Redhill Mountains, Tergothen Bay
69/66 ††† Janost Cypress Wood [RP] Purple Agate Crystal [RP] Nocturnal Lantern Grass [RP] Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan, Tergothen Bay
Stone Pine [RP] Rein Crystal [RP] Dovetail Flower [RP] Chrysalia, Merdhin Tundra, Syrbal Pass
75 Todo Ginkgo Tree [RP] Olegan Stone [RP] Thunderhoof Grass [RP] Chrysalia, Merdhin Tundra, Syrbal Pass
80 Wood Selection Understanding of Ore Magical Herbalist Skill Advancement Quests
Legend (80-100)
81 Nadal Wisteria Wood [RP] Silver Star Stone [RP] Isyeh Grass [RP] Sarlo, Wailing Fjord
Blood Palm Wood [RP] Ironaxe Stone [RP] Dragonsprout Grass [RP] Sarlo, Wailing Fjord, Jungle of Hortek
86 Summer Oak [RP] Dust of Mutation [RP] Cold Psilotum [RP] Jungle of Hortek, Salioca Basin
91 Fire Mountain Tree [RP] Rainbow Stone [RP] Snow Grass [RP] Kashaylan, Splitwater Coast
Bald Fir Wood [RP] Sea Crystal [RP] Moon Grass [RP] Kashaylan, Splitwater Coast, Moorlands of Farsitan, Tasuq, Korris, Enoch
96 Kandi Tree [RP] Argyrite [RP] Shell Flower [RP] Moorlands of Farsitan, Tasuq, Korris, Enoch
The in-game text says that all three Resources for level 57 are actually level 56 but this is wrong. You cannot harvest them until 57 but you can purchase the Refining recipes at 56.
†† Although these Resources cannot be harvested until level 63, the Refining recipes are available at level 61.
††† Although these Resources cannot be harvested until level 69, the Refining recipes are available at level 66.

Rare Resource Nodes are marked in italic text. Rare nodes are found in the same locations as the normal nodes of the tiers between their tier and the next Special Node tier above and below them, with a small chance to replace them each time they respawn.

[RP] following the Resource Node name is a link to the Resources by POI category for that Resource. Here you will find a list of all Zone and POI pages that have noted that Resource Node in the resources= field of the Zone or POI templates.

See also: Category:Refining Skills

When you first acquire your Gathering skills, as an Apprentice, you will be limited to a maximum skill level of 20. When you reach 20 you will stop gaining experience in that skill until you seek out an Instructor and perform a quest to advance from Apprentice to Craftsman, which will allow you to progress to 40.

At 40, 60 and 80 you must, once again, seek training.

While harvesting, you will see an Effect titled "Collected amount". This tracks how much you have harvested within a 10 minute window and gives increased odds of finding an additional bonus or reward.

Some bonuses include:

  • Abundant Harvest - Increases gathered items by 300% for 30 seconds.
  • Easy Harvest - Increases gathering speed by 5% per stack.
  • Nimble Harvest - Increases gathering XP gain by 50% for 30 seconds.
  • Rapid Harvest - Increases gathering speed by 100%, XP gain by 100% and character movement speed by 10% for 30 seconds.

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