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Most of the items in this category are common materials purchasable from a Crafting Supplies Merchant, and are used in many recipes for that craft.

Some are very rare materials used as an Ingredient in certain Rare recipes. Some are found in a Mysterious Bag, some are mob drops in certain Dungeons (such as the Goblin Mines), and others are found only as rare exceptional results while Gathering from resource nodes in zones near the level of the material.

Alchemy Supplies[edit | edit source]

Items Sold By All Alchemy Supplies Merchants
Item Cost Worth Recipe Levels
Small Empty Bottle Small Empty Bottle 2Gold  No sell 1 to 10
Beaker Beaker 10Gold  1Gold  11 to 20
Alchemy Bottle Alchemy Bottle 20Gold  2Gold  21 to 30
Magic Bottle Magic Bottle 30Gold  3Gold  31 to 40
Philosopher's Egg Philosopher's Egg 40Gold  4Gold  41 to 60

Alchemy recipes above level 60 do not require glassware but may have a Crafting Cost.

Cooking Supplies[edit | edit source]

Cooking Supplies Merchants can be found near almost every Cooking Utensils throughout Taborea, and they all sell the same items.
Items Sold by All Cooking Supplies Merchants
Item Cost
Animal Meat Animal Meat 27Gold 
Apple Apple 14Gold 
Arapaima Arapaima 65Gold 
Bass Bass 39Gold 
Bird Meat Bird Meat 36Gold 
Blue Trout Blue Trout 21Gold 
Celery Celery 51Gold 
Cocoa Cocoa 68Gold 
Cream Cream 15Gold 
Delicious Worm Meat Delicious Worm Meat 45Gold 
Item Cost
Flour Flour 21Gold 
Frog Meat Frog Meat 11Gold 
Garlic Garlic 17Gold 
Golden Flour Golden Flour 38Gold 
Grape Grape 6Gold 
High Quality Flour High Quality Flour 27Gold 
Lettuce Lettuce 30Gold 
Mushroom Mushroom 33Gold 
Oriental Tea Leaves Oriental Tea Leaves 60Gold 
Pineapple Pineapple 44Gold 
Item Cost
Rare Animal Meat Rare Animal Meat 65Gold 
Salmon Salmon 20Gold 
Small Fish Small Fish 3Gold 
Spiny Lobster Spiny Lobster 33Gold 
Witchcraft Sugar Witchcraft Sugar 63Gold 

Production Materials[edit | edit source]

Materials found in Mysterious Bag, while Harvesting, or as a drop in Dungeons
Level Star
Metal Stone
10 Ic Stone of the Golden Planet Ic Alpher Metal Stone Ic Wooden Nail Ic Aloeswood Fiber
16 Ic Stone of the Tree Planet Ic Beta Metal Stone Ic Copper Nail Ic Calamus Fiber
21 Ic Stone of the Water Planet Ic Gamma Metal Stone Ic Iron Nail Ic Tulipwood Fiber
26 Ic Stone of the Fire Planet Ic Delta Metal Stone Ic Aluminum Nail Ic Balloonflower Fiber
31 Ic Stone of the Earth Planet Ic Epsilon Metal Stone Ic Steel Nail Ic Chestnut Fiber
36 Ic Stone of the Water King Planet Ic Zeta Metal Stone Ic Silver Nail Ic Pine Fiber
41 Ic Stone of the Planet of the Heavenly King Ic Eta Metal Stone Ic Platinum Nail Ic Lapis Lazuli Fiber
46 Ic Stone of the Planet of the King of Darkness Ic Thet Metal Stone Ic Gold Nail Ic Amber Fiber
51 Ic Harvest God Star Stone Ic Soaring Tower Metal Stone Ic White Gold Nail Ic Parasol Tree Fiber
56 Ic Wisdom God Star Stone Ic Shigassa Metal Stone Ic Wolfram Nail Ic Sago Palm Fiber
61 Ic Fertile Goddess Star Stone Ic Ikes' Metal Stone Ic Mottled Copper Nail Ic Flax
66 Ic Dark Planet Stone Ic Sigma Metal Stone Ic White Iron Nail Ic Palm Fiber
71 Ic Star of Discord Ic Ruite Metal Stone Ic Dark Silver Nail Ic Ginkgo Fiber
76 Ic Hebe Ic Impeth Metal Stone Ic Silver Nail Ic Mulberry Fiber
81 Ic Siren Star Ic Desny Metal Stone Ic Tin Nail item name needed
86 item name needed Ic Rogi Metal Stone Ic Silver-Mercury Nail Ic Cotton Fiber
91 Ic Lotus Star Ic Floyd Metal Stone Ic Wolfram Gold Nail Ic Beech Fiber
96 Ic Rainbow Star Ic Gutis Metal Stone Ic Silver Copper Nail Ic Mineral Wool Fiber

Crafting Festival[edit | edit source]

Crafting Festival Special Materials
Commission Rewards Purchased from Craft Materials Merchants with Ic Craftsman's Appreciation

Crafted Materials[edit | edit source]

Most of these are special, rare, refined materials made with raw resource materials and used for special high-end recipes.

Stub There are more, named similarly, and eventually we will have a complete list.

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