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The RoM Wiki recommends installation of the following Add-On via the Twitch Client:
  • Quest List - Quests listed into level sections.
  • Daily Quest List - A list of Daily quests.
  • Quest Series - Complete lists of all quests involved in a specific Quest Series, organized by location and starting NPC. Each zone has a page, as well as many multi-zone Epic or Story-arc series.
  • Diad/Triad Quests - A Main quest, when completed, may unlock a Daily and/or a Public quest, which is/are then repeatable indefinitely. Many times all three quests will have the same name, but not always, and most will all need the same task performed.

Completionistas: The Leaderboard ranking of Quests Completed includes Daily and Public quests so you need to do each of these at least once to mark them as done. BTW, the system also counts the Festival quests!

In order to ensure that the casual player, that has a little money to burn but very little time to play, can be just as competitive as the dedicated player, that is as poor as a field mouse but has lotsa free time, Runes of Magic provides a number of ways to increase your XP/TP gains, to speed up leveling, as well as help you get those better drops you want.

There are several ways to improve your XP and/or TP gain while questing and grinding. These effects can be used at the same time but cannot be increased by stacking.

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