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As near as we can tell, the differences between a Quest Item, a Daily Quest Item, and a Quest Required Item are:

  • Quest Item: Either given to you by the quest giver, or something you need to go get for him.
  • Daily Quest: These drop all the time and can be hoarded for turn-in binges.
  • Quest Required: This item will only drop if you have the quest that needs it, preventing you from building up stacks of them. Actually, the devs violated this rule almost as soon as they started using it. Sometimes it says "This is a quest required item" when the item is labeled a Quest Item as well but it also drops all the time as if it were a Daily Quest item.

It is almost as if there is no Lead Designer making and enforcing rules about this stuff and every dev just wings it.

Storage: Quest Items cannot be stored in the Storage Chests Storage Chests in your home, but they can be stored in your Bank Box (accessible through any Bank Staff or your Housekeeper).


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