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Pumpkin Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Pumpkin Festival (October to November)
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The Pumpkin Festival is a holiday that starts in late October and ends in November.(Our world.) There is a variety of activities to do, and prizes for doing so. Such as: Participating in the Monster Parade, trick or treating at the Celt and Highlander families, and playing the Kaz Madness game.

The Pumpkin King has appeared once more and is threatening the living with his horde of ghosts and monsters! Challenge him to a duel with emotes, fight off his pumpkin offspring and play in the great "Trick or treat!" to win from a huge selection of prizes!

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Long ago before the arrival of the Eye of Wisdom on Candara, Kolydia was ruled by tyranny.

However, on a cold winter evening, a group of assassins wearing terrifying masks killed all the cruel leaders and then vanished into the night. A few witnessed what happened and saw the assassins but nobody knew who they were, where they came from or where they went. All that is known is that they saved thousands of lives and a rumor started to spread that the assassins were sent by the gods, so the people among themselves started to call them saints. After rumors came superstition and now the masks worn by those assassins are thought to ward off evil. That's why in winter people hang carved masks on their doors for protection.

When the Eye of Wisdom first came to Candara, the land was very underdeveloped. There was a great shortage of lumber, a farmer used a pumpkin to carve a mask like those, and when he put a candle inside, it seemed to have come to life.

When the leaders of The Eye of Wisdom heard of this, they marked this day as a day of celebration so that people could take a rest before the hard winter. everyone put on these pumpkin masks to enjoy a friendly chat and some delicious Pumpkin Dishes.

Later, some children would put on these mask and dress up as monsters then visit their neighbor's houses to ask for Candy.

First it was only a game of a few children, but over a time a custom developed and now the day is set in the calendar as the Pumpkin Festival. Children still dress as monsters as ask everyone for candy and try to scare them, and they shout: "Trick or Treat!"

Special Drops, XP, TP and Droprate Boosts[edit | edit source]

In a Facebook post it was announced that:

Between October 24th and November 7th

Coin of Wind Coin of Wind will drop from all mobs in Ancient Dreamland, Moorlands of Farsitan, Korris, and Ice Blade Plateau. Take the coins to Varanas Central Plaza (channel 1 only) and trade 40 to 100 of them at a time to Owenstein, Hilary, Frank, or Eve.

Mail from the RoM Team[edit | edit source]

During this month the RoM Team is sending Trick or Treat gifts to all via in-game mail each day. Here are some of the items that have been mailed out. You will get a gift ONLY on the first character (for each account) logged in each day. Here is a list of the things that were received during the 2015 and 2016 events:

Drops and Currency[edit | edit source]

Transformation Potions[edit | edit source]

All mobs in the game have a chance to drop Suspicious-looking Powder Suspicious-looking Powder during the Pumpkin Festival. Take Suspicious-looking Powder Suspicious-looking Powder ×10 to Suspicious-looking Ghost in Varanas Central Plaza for Transformation Potions.

Transformation Potions are needed to talk to Little Anna for Trick or Treat - Part 2 and participate in the Monster Parade.

Item Shop[edit | edit source]

Find special Mounts, Pets, and Potions in the Item Shop!

Candy[edit | edit source]

Candy from the Celt Family (can be given to Bob Warner):

Candy from a Pumpkin Festival Package Pumpkin Festival Package:

Candy from the Highlander Family (can be given to Little Annie, see Trick or Treat - Part 2):

Phirius Prototypes[edit | edit source]

Pumpkin Dishes[edit | edit source]

Dramatis Personae[edit | edit source]

Silverspring[edit | edit source]

Varanas Central Plaza[edit | edit source]

Varanas Lower City West[edit | edit source]

Varanas Lower City West[edit | edit source]

Varanas Gates[edit | edit source]

Dorian's Farm[edit | edit source]

Lake of Magic Mist[edit | edit source]

Thunderhoof Hills[edit | edit source]

Dalanis[edit | edit source]

How To Get Pumpkin Coins[edit | edit source]

see the following events:

Events[edit | edit source]

Unless noted, all Events and Event Dailies on this page may be done only once per day.

Monster Parade[edit | edit source]

You must be under the influence of a Transformation Potion and register with the Monster Parade Organizer to participate! He will give you a Monster Parade Map.

Follow Cool Pumpkin John or Wendy the Smiling Pumpkin! Once you know the stops, you do not need to wait for the Leader to move, you can run ahead. The limitation is the Organizers, who will vanish once the Leader moves on!

There are 8 Parade Sign-In Organizers (4 there, 4 back). Hail them, check in, and choose a package. 1 to 3 does not seem to matter, you get one of the following:

Periodically monsters (level 5 Elite) from the following list will appear and attack:

Most monsters drop nothing but you might find:

At the Forsaken Abbey you will face Mr. Pumpkin and Mrs. Pumpkin (Level 9 Crown Elite Bosses)!

At the end, back at Varanas Gates, IF you got all 8 check-ins you can exchange your completely filled out Monster Parade Map for a Monster Parade Package Monster Parade Package from the Monster Parade Organizer.

Kaz Madness[edit | edit source]

Kaz Madness

Shake a Strange Pumpkin to release Little Pumpkin Monsters and Demon Pumpkin Seeds:

Click on the seeds to get temporary skills to throw them at the Madness Core. Throw the same color seeds as the pumpkins that are attacking you to place a seal on them. If you can get 3 stacked seals the Little Pumpkin Monster will spit fire at Madness Core!

Point System:

After the game, you get a number of Mad Fire Mad Fire equal to your points earned. You can exchange Mad Fire Mad Fire with Kaz Bamandis or Kaz Listod for prizes.

Colored Ribbons Exchange[edit | edit source]

Trick or Treat - Part 1[edit | edit source]

Will trade Suspicious-looking Powder Suspicious-looking Powder ×10 for a Transformation Potion.

Trick or Treat - Part 2[edit | edit source]

You must be under the influence of a Transformation Potion to talk to her!

Bring her 5 pieces of candy (Regular Candy Regular Candy, Strange Candy Strange Candy, or High Quality Candy High Quality Candy) from the Celt Family or Highlander Family in Varanas Lower City East. She tells you to find her sister, Little Annie, and sends you to Varanas Central Plaza (event area). Find Little Annie and give her any one piece of candy to receive one of the following:

Each time you speak to her, she will take a candy and give you a gift. If you do not have any candy, she will play a trick on you! If you can find Little Annie again you can give her all your candy, a piece at a time.

Pumpkinhead Challenge[edit | edit source]

All you have to do is speak to Belle Rossly.

Pumpkinhead Says...[edit | edit source]

Use the Emote skills he gives you to do whatever he says.

Pumpkin Pranksters[edit | edit source]

Get Trap containing Pumpkin Prankster Trap containing Pumpkin Prankster ×5 by using a Pumpkin Prankster Trap Pumpkin Prankster Trap to capture the Pumpkin Prankster hiding in Spooky Pumpkins in Dalanis.

The Spooky Pumpkins will appear and disappear periodically. Getting too close to one will make you afraid.

Pumpkin Warrant[edit | edit source]

Mr. Pumpkin[edit | edit source]

Just talk to him!

Ghost Farm[edit | edit source]

When you accept she transports you to the Goblin Farm in Silverspring to speak to Ayen Poole.

You need to click on an Overlord Pumpkin to get the Purity effect and skill without getting zapped by a Farm Ghost, then use the Purity skill on a Farm Ghost.

Let’s Scream a Little[edit | edit source]

After Mr. Ghost transforms you into a Ghost, go around town and scare kids (1 point), adults (5 points), and guards (10 points).

The more Screams you have, the scarier you are! Scare some kids first, then some adults before you try to scare guards!

Screams have a short timer (30 seconds), but each successful Scream resets the timer!

Ghost Hunter[edit | edit source]

Participate in course on "catching ghosts". This gives you the 5 minute effect, "Inner Eye", which grants you two skills you can use:

Go to Varanas Administration District and use Catch Ghosts from behind and at close range while targeting a Wandering Ghost to increase your Disappearing Ghost rank!

Each time you get scared it removes some time from your Inner Eye.

Haunted House[edit | edit source]

In the entrance of Malatina's Dungeon you meet the Hill Joker [Malatina's Servant], who will explain the rules. Once you accept, you have 7 minutes to explore the dungeon.

You cannot use any of your skills (unless you find a bomb) but you can use potions and other objects you may have.

Under the tiles in the room, you may find a:

As you progress, the more monsters you get and the harder it gets to dig successfully. You can click on a Scattered Demon Pumpkin to remove any monsters close to you, but then it has to cool down. Any existing Revenant Graves will eventually respawn a monster so be sure to use any Bomb Demon Pumpkins you find to destroy a Revenant Grave!

When the main timer expires, or if you die and must resurrect, you are ejected back to Varanas Central Plaza.

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