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There are several different Production Runes. They are used in, you guessed it, the production of finished goods via Crafting.

Each has a Worth of 1Gold . They have a chance to drop from all mobs in the game. You can also use Disenchant to Dismantle a piece of equipment, which yields one random Production Rune.

Whenever a mobs loot table says "Production Rune", it can randomly be any of the following runes:

Most mobs, at least in the open world, always drop the same Production Rune, and often all mobs that are members of the same race will drop the same Production Rune. Where we are sure of this we may list the rune in his Known Drops information.

Bags containing 100 of any specific Production Rune can be bought in the Item Shop for 15Diamonds ($0.45)  (Ruby Bonus is 8Rubies ).

Starting at Boulderwind Village in Weeping Coast, a Black Codex Merchant at each camp will sell raw material bags for specific materials. See Black Codex for more informatioon.


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