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All Pet Hunters sell the same list of items.

Items sold by Pet Supplies Merchants (a.k.a. Pet Hunters)
Item Cost Description
Miller's Special Cake 3,500Gold  Add +1 Training, +5 Nourishment, and +10 Experience
Nutritious Cheese 5,000Gold  Add +10 Nourishment
Dessert of Happiness Dessert of Happiness 6,000Gold  Add +1 Loyalty, also sold by Forkas Garry [Mirrorworld Researcher]
Huntsman's Trap Huntsman's Trap 8,000Gold  Use this to catch a Magic Cavy or Golden Magic Cavy
Small Hatchet 100Gold  A tree-cutting Crafting Tool for pets.
Small Hoe 100Gold  A mineral mining Crafting Tool for pets.
Small Spade 100Gold  An herb gathering Crafting Tool for pets.
Enhancement Potion 25Badge of the Trial  Convert 5000 Training Points to 100 Talent Points
Neutralization Bar Neutralization Bar 35Badge of the Trial  Change your pet's elemental type to None.
Powerful Pet Growth Potion 45Badge of the Trial  Pet XP +1000 and Training +300

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