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The mercantile arm of the Justice Workshop, they will accept gold and Energy of Justice Energy of Justice in exchange for high-end, rare armor, weapons, and accessories.

IF you accumulate more than Energy of Justice Energy of Justice ×5000, the Justice Workshop Merchants will give you the opportunity to shop at great prices (but until then their equipment is seriously over-priced at 999,999Gold 9,999Energy of Justice  each)!

Purchases may only be made IF you have earned Public Event Points Public Event Points in the most recent round, and it is currently in the 2 minute reset timer at the end of an event round.

Name Zone POI
John Selino Tergothen Bay Kingdom of Lechif
Joseph Wayne Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan Aren Base
Nolan Otto Chrysalia Sagthorne Camp
Pye Parker Merdhin Tundra Cadoon
Monica Lee Syrbal Pass Hyern Camp
Chris Bayton Sarlo Wall of Patrace
Kai Kent Wailing Fjord Muckgale Port
Josef Batwald Jungle of Hortek Leorden Stronghold
Peili Fulak Salioca Basin Pioneers Camp
Hal Landman Kashaylan Hovik's Camp
Viktor Sabor Splitwater Coast Port Shard
Da'an Whanta Moorlands of Farsitan Heroica Fortress
Justin Ryder Tasuq Gray Citadel
Warlina Neeson Korris Citadel Outpost
Sarlina Neeson Enoch Nebula Woods Camp
Sanny Babalu Vortis Camp at Cape Luna
Minnie Babalu Chassizz Scorching Sun Camp

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