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About Items: No wiki is ever going to document every single item in an MMORPG. For this reason, every single item link in this wiki that we do not have a page for will show a link to the RoM-Welten database (RWdb) so you can more easily find the information you are looking for.

Tiering[edit | edit source]

"The base tier of items can be seen in game and changes every 20 levels (lvl 1-20 = tier 1, 21-40 - tier 2, etc). Many moons ago, it was noticed that putting purple/green/blue drops into the Arcane Transmutor sometimes gave higher tier stones than the base tier of the item. At that point, we just experimented with the items we had available to find what worked. Thus we found that green drops gain +3 to their base level and blue items gained +7. Purple was a bit trickier and for a long time it was assumed they gained +11 (as there was a more limited range of items to experiment with). It wasn't until someone got hold of the formula that people realised purples gained +13 and found out what the pluses were for orange and brown items."

Thank You! Runes of Magic Wiki @gamepedia would like to thank Caladin of Official Runes of Magic Forums for Level and Quality vs. Tier.

Q: How do I increase the tier of my item?

A: You use the Arcane Transmutor with the item you want to improve and 3 Mana Stones of the same tier you want to raise it to.

The video, above, shows you how to raise the tier of an item, but it also shows you how to make the Mana Stones you need to do this.

Refining[edit | edit source]

Many players call this "Plussing". You can use a Refining Gem to add a + (plus) to your equipment. Each Refining attempt may succeed (add a +1 to the item), fail (reduce the rank by -1), or do nothing. There are many factors that go into this calculation, but there is also a random element. Even if you have everything just right, or the best you can, it still has a chance to fail. Only Perfect Refining Gems have no chance of failure.

When a weapon reaches +3 it becomes "magical" and will show sparkles around/along it when equipped.

The same type of item will always get the same type of stat boosts from refining.

Classification Item Type
or Weapon Type
or Slot
Stats Boosted
Edged Weapons Dagger
Sword or 2-Handed Sword
Axe or 2-Handed Axe
Bow or Crossbow
Physical Damage
Physical Attack
Blunt Weapons Hammer
2-Handed Hammer
Magical Attack
Magical Defense
Magic-User Weapons Wand
Magical Attack
Magical Damage
Accessory Ring Critical Damage
Magical Critical Damage
Accessory Earring † Maximum HP
Accessory Earring † Strength
Physical Defense
Magical Defense
Accessory Necklace Physical Critical Hit Rate
Magical Critical Hit Rate
Armor Shield Stamina
All Armor see below Physical Defense
Magical Defense
plus one of those below:

† The stat boosted by plussing an earring varies

Armor Improvement
Cloth Armor
Slot Stats Boosted
Head Intelligence
Cape Stamina
Shoulders Stamina
Upper Body Intelligence
Belt Wisdom
Hands Intelligence
Lower Body Wisdom
Feet Stamina
Leather Armor
Slot Stats Boosted
Head unknown
Shoulders Strength
Upper Body unknown
Hands Dexterity
Belt Stamina
Lower Body unknown
Feet unknown
Chain Armor
Slot Stats Boosted
Head unknown
Shoulders Stamina
Upper Body Strength
Belt unknown
Hands Strength
Lower Body Dexterity
Feet Dexterity
Plate Armor
Slot Stats Boosted
Head unknown
Shoulders Stamina
Upper Body Stamina
Hands unknown
Belt unknown
Lower Body Strength
Feet unknown

Durability[edit | edit source]

All equipped armor and weapons take damage during use. Death damages all equipped armor and weapons more severely. When an item's Durability drops to 0 all stat bonuses on the item are suppressed. Most items have a Durability of 100. Those over 100 are called "Over-Dura" or OD, while those below are "Sub-Dura" or SD.

Durability can be restored by talking to a Merchant and clicking on the Repair One or Repair All buttons on the bottom-right of his Sales UI, or by using a Repair Hammer.

Rune Slots[edit | edit source]

Many items come with some existing rune slots, but you can increase this to a max of four by using a Driller.

Statting[edit | edit source]

Dirty and Clean Statting: A How-to


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