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Category:Housekeeper (Mob Type)

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for general information about player housing, see Housing.
for information about House Maids, see Category:House Maid (Mob Type).

Housekeepers are NPCs that live inside your Residence. They can be hired and fired, and the longer they remain in your employ the more friendly and helpful they become.

Hiring[edit | edit source]

To hire a Housekeeper, click on the Housekeeper List on your Residence UI, then on the Hire button of the Housekeeper List to open the Hire Housekeeper UI. The right-hand tabs let you examine the applicants available to you. When you find the right person, click Hire to hire them. Each Housekeeper hired after the first costs twice as much as the Housekeeper hired before her. There is no expense to maintain your staff. We have been told that the maximum you can hire is 6.

  • First Hire: 200,000Gold 
  • Second Hire: 400,000Gold 
  • Third Hire: 800,000Gold 
  • Fourth Hire: 1,600,000Gold 
  • Fifth Hire: 3,200,000Gold 
  • Sixth Hire: 6,400,000Gold 

There is some considerable confusion on my part about the Naming and Identity of the Housekeepers. I have 3 Housekeepers; Ceri Linn, Kassandra Moore, and Luke Moorfield. The Hire Housekeeper UI insists that I have already hired Earl Levine but the only similarity between Luke and Earl is they are both Human Males. Everything else is different. To top it off, Luke v. Earl is the only hiring conflict I see. it appears that there are 10 names for each pair of traits. Since only 20 apply for work at a time, it looks like each time you enter your residence the RNG selects 20 applicants from the available pool of 250, blocking any you have already hired. -Bludwyng

The Primary Personality Attribute tells you what skill they will be able to train to 100. All others will max out at 80.

We are not certain what the Secondary Personality Attribute tells us, but it looks like it gives some indication of the level at which their skills start.

Here is an attempt at a hiring matrix, but as of yet I have no idea if this means anything or not.

Personality Matrix
Primary ->
v Secondary
Good Cook
Magically Gifted
arrogant Ayira Kuchy
Laura Benning
Salvador Moorfield
Paul Port
Berit Ailes
Ardulace Spears
Ise Anstine
Soderling Redefer
Ima Junior
Vivian Black
Alice Williams
Ise Spears
Anjali Port
Margaret Zorlan
Lucy Williams
Shana Williams
Birdie Elssar
Ardulace Tassilo
gentle Kassandra Moore
Dinin Lopez
Heiger Ailes
Kelder Nickson
Mirna Wilson
Paul Hawkes
Sunnay Moorfield
Dinin Linn
Istolil Wilson
Jaraxle Paille
Owen Anderson
Alice Newman
Natasha Paine
Ghaunadaur Edwards
Anna Black
Sorokin Zorlan
Dioge Bodin
Zarra Nonme
Faeryl Ailes
Thomas Aultz
Haldur Paille
Brianna Hanks
happy-go-Lucky Stanley Bening
Thomas Hanks
Brad Moorfield
Isabel Redefer
Steven Port
Luke Moorfield
Kelder Levine
Audrey Lopez
Noah Nonme
Orlando Mandes
Nym Moorfield
Anjali Zorlan
Luke Hill
Dioge Junior
Adam Norton
mature Dhaunae Hill
Dinin Junior
Nym Lopez
Monica Edwards
Faeryl Spears
Elizabeth Norton
Ceri Tassilo
Jennifer Redefer Calantha Moorfield
Earl Nonme
Freeman Moorfield Ceri Linn
Alystin Hawkes
Berit Phillips
quiet Thomas Edwards
Kelder Auvrynda
Lucy Wamor
Anna Jost
Jennifer Bodin
Laura Norton
Faeryl Tassilo
Earl Linn
Istolil Bodin
Freeman Phoenix
Pascar Jost
Morgan Phoenix
Shana Junior

Firing[edit | edit source]

From the Housekeeper List you can Dismiss a domestic that has failed to live up to your high standards.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Improve your Housekeeper's Affinity and Charisma by chatting with her on a regular basis. This adds 1 to her Affinity and Charisma, and 15 to Fatigue.

Your Housekeeper's other Attributes can be improved by talking with her on that topic. This is also how you receive gifts from her.

Conversation and Gifts[edit | edit source]

Once your Housekeeper's Affinity is at least 10, conversing with her on one of the following topics will increase her Fatigue by 25 and the related Attribute by 1, and she will give you one or more of the following gifts or buffs.

Magic, Battle, and Protection Buffs last 3 hours (max), do not stack, and a new buff overwrites an old one. The amount of increase depends on your Housekeeper's Affinity and experience in that skill. Lower Affinity may affect duration.

Food Items expire in 24 hours. Buffs from Food last 5 minutes, do not stack, and overwrite each other. Quantity received depends on Affinity.

Only the most recently applied appearance caused by Transformation effects will be active but the timer on your Effects Bar remains active. Quantity received depends on Affinity.

Magic Curriculum[edit | edit source]

  • Buff: Overflowing Magical Embrace - Increases Critical Magical Hit Rate
  • Buff: Endless Magical Embrace - Increases Magical Attack Power

Battle Curriculum[edit | edit source]

  • Buff: Embrace of an Inspired Heart - Increases Critical Physical Hit Rate
  • Buff: Embrace of a Vibrant Spirit - Increases Physial Attack Power

Protection Curriculum[edit | edit source]

  • Buff: Embrace of a Soothing Weariness - Increases Maximum HP
  • Buff: Embrace of a Gentle Tightness - Increases Physical Defense

Cooking[edit | edit source]

You will receive both foods for the Housekeeper's tier. Quantity depends on Charisma.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Each time you will receive 2 potions from the following list. Potions available are additive, meaning that each tier includes the potion options from the previous tiers. Quantity depends on Charisma.

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