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The following merchants are all located in the Obsidian Stronghold Mercenary Square of Dust Devil Canyon.

In addition, they sell:

  • high-level (currently 99 and 100) gear
  • Temporary Honor Mounts (Warhorse, Ostrich, Berhu, Wild Boar, Alpaca, Leopard, Crimson Ankylar, and Snow Ferret) for 300Honor Points  to 900Honor Points 
  • recipes (2,000Honor Points ) to make level 60 gear, all of it Rare, and various materials for ((coin|||||240}} to 20,000Honor Points 
  • Common Ore, Herb, and Wood from all levels (No Rare materials) for 1Honor Points  to 55Honor Points  each. Rare materials are available but only in Packages of 50 for 500Honor Points  to 5,000Honor Points .
Stub This might be a good place for a general guide to all of the available Honor gear.

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