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Category:Guild Contribution (Item Type)

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These items contribute to your Guild resources when contributed. See Guild Resources.

Item Value
Guild Rune Guild Rune 1 Guild Rune Guild Rune
Nightmare Essence Nightmare Essence 100 Guild Runes Guild Runes
Original Sin Essence Original Sin Essence 1000 Guild Runes Guild Runes
Guild Ruby Guild Ruby 1 Guild Ruby Guild Ruby
Teardrop Ruby Teardrop Ruby 100 Guild Rubies Guild Rubies
Guild Stone Guild Stone 1 Guild Stone Guild Stone
Wisdom Core Wisdom Core 100 Guild Stones Guild Stones
Item Value
Moonlight Pearl Moonlight Pearl 100 Guild Ore Mining
Sunset Ear of Grain Sunset Ear of Grain 100 Guild Timber
Magic Fortune Grass Magic Fortune Grass 100 Guild Herbal Medicine

Note: I was playing this game for years before I realized that these are NOT Bound! You can mail them, share them, sell them in the AH... whatever!

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