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"Ah! Easter has arrived!" says, Wibby the Wabbit clan leader of Taborea.

This joyful event signals a new beginning, one of nature, spring and life. The dawning of Easter Day is special and memorable for villagers of Taborea. For many, Easter Sunday is one of the few days all can gather in peace and forget the woes of war that have spread across the land.

"I can't believe that Easter is already here." Libby-lop, squealed with giddy excitement.

The quintuple of wabbits set off for the spring bash in Central Plaza of Varanas. Along their road of adventures, the wabbits were ambused by goblins. The goblins came from every direction and their shamans used dark magic to cast spells around the wabbits throwing them into a deep slumber.

The precious jeweled Eggs of Celebration, which the wabbits transport to their friends in Taborea, were stolen and taken to Ajir's Lair deep within the bowels of the Zurhidon Stronghold. After waking from the spell, the quintuple of wabbits combined their Easter love, and were granted an overwhelming power that could not be stopped. This power was strong enough to recover the precious jeweled eggs but it will not hold evil off for long. Knowing that the goblins would surely seek revenge, the wabbits scurried off into the far regions of the world. In their desperation to escape, one of the wabbits came across a dear ole' friend...

Mr. Hill-bill Scramble, sleeping in the days warm sunshine in Logar.

"Pardon us, Mr. Hill-bill Scramble but do you know where we could hide to keep our eggs safe?" asked Libby-lop.

Hill-bill Scramble let out a big snore, his breath whistling from between his teeth.

"YO! YOU BIG OMELET! The lady here asked you a question! I suggest you wake up and answer her!" yelled Chopper with great impatience and urgency.

"Who are you calling an omelet, kid? I'm no omelet! I am the great Hill-bill Scramble!" Hill-bill seethed with gritted teeth as his eyes flashed open.

"Now what was the question, Libby-lop?" Hill-bill inquired with a sleepy gaze.

After a brief conversation with Hill-bill Scramble, he agreed to assist the wabbits in hiding from the goblin thieves. After much huffing and puffing Mr. Hill-bill Scramble cast a great spell on the wabbits giving them the ability to not be found.

The only way to break the wabbit spell is to enter the mystery portals and the Easter heart will guide the adventures to them.

Help find the five beautiful color wabbits by casting Easters Heart into the air. This will help Hill-bill Scramble open the mystery portals, letting the wabbits know their eggs are safe from harm.[1]

2010[edit | edit source]

There are five wabbit eggs to be saved each day through our Easter Celebration. Starting March 29th-April 4th. The Event Team will announce in game when there is plenty of Easter Heart in the air to open the mystery portals.

Find the "Green Wabbit" receive "Celebration Egg of Experience"

  • 10 Skill Potions
  • 10 Experience Potions
  • 10 Megaphone

Find the "Yellow Wabbit" receive "Celebration Egg of Blessing"

  • 3 God's Redemption Ticket
  • 3 Big Angel's Sigh
  • 3 Phoenix's Redemption
  • 25 Megaphones

Find the "Blue Wabbit" receive "Celebration Egg I"

  • 10 of 10 Arcane Transmutor Charges
  • 10 Purified Fusion Stones
  • 5 Golden Repair Hammer

Find the "Pink Wabbit" receive "Celebration of Egg II"

  • 1 Advanced Talent Charm
  • 10 Skill Potions
  • 10 Potion of Luck

Find the "Purple Wabbit" receive "Celebration of Egg III"

  • Advanced Experience Charm
  • 10 Experience Potions
  • 10 Potion of Luck


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