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Category:Crossbow (Weapon Type)

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Plussing a Crossbow improves Damage and Physical Attack.

Crafted[edit | edit source]

CNG=Common/Normal/Good    NGR=Normal/Good/Rare    GRE=Good/Rare/Epic    REL=Rare/Epic/Legendary
All crafted Bows are made with Carpentry

Level Common Enhanced Mastery
9 Ic Simple Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Simple Crossbow (NGR)
14 Ic Stone Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Stone Crossbow (NGR) Ic Jass' Crossbow (GRE)
19 Ic Repeating Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Repeating Crossbow (NGR) Ic Headhunter Crossbow (GRE)
22 Ic Sharp-tailed Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Sharp-tailed Crossbow (NGR) Ic Triple-tipped Crossbow (GRE)
29 Ic Butterfly Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Butterfly Crossbow (NGR) Ic Orange Butterfly Crossbow (GRE)
32 Ic Steel-tooth Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Steel-tooth Crossbow (NGR) Ic Azure Crossbow (GRE)
39 Ic Wing Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Wing Crossbow (NGR) Ic Demonic Crossbow (GRE)
42 Ic Dragon Horn Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Dragon Horn Crossbow (NGR) Ic Spirit Crossbow (GRE)
49 Ic Night Shadow Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Night Shadow Crossbow (NGR) Ic Black Moon Crossbow (GRE)
51 Ic Flame Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Flame Crossbow (NGR) Ic Raging Flames Crossbow (GRE)
56 Ic Harlan Catapult (CNG) Ic Enhanced Harlan Catapult (NGR) Ic Rare Harlan Catapult (GRE)
61 Ic Circus Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Circus Crossbow (NGR) Ic Rare Circus Crossbow (GRE)
81 Ic Bloody Tongue Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Bloody Tongue Crossbow (NGR) Ic Rare Bloody Tongue Crossbow (GRE)
87 Recipe from a Mysterious Bag in Jungle of Hortek Ic Transformed Heavy Crossbow of the Sonic Void
91 Ic Flame Seared Crossbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Flame Seared Crossbow (NGR) Ic Rare Flame Seared Crossbow (GRE)
96 Ic Crossbow from the Front Lines (CNG) Ic Enhanced Crossbow from the Front Lines (NGR) Ic Rare Crossbow from the Front Lines (GRE)
99 Recipe dropped by mob name missing Ic Cibel's Transformed Crossbow
100 Recipe dropped by mob name missing Ic Yanamorsi's Transformed Repeating Crossbow

Quested[edit | edit source]

Dropped[edit | edit source]

Level Common Normal Good Rare
and better
42 Ic Heavy Crossbow of the Gale