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A crafted bow is good when you first reach a new level, a quested bow is generally better, but certain boss-dropped bows will be the best you can get.

Crafted[edit | edit source]

CNG=Common/Normal/Good    NGR=Normal/Good/Rare    GRE=Good/Rare/Epic    REL=Rare/Epic/Legendary
All crafted Bows are made with Carpentry

Level Common Enhanced Mastery
1 Ic Fine Wooden Bow (CNG) Ic Improved Fine Wooden Bow (NGR)
2-3 Ic Thunderbolt of Solice Bow Ic Solice's Deep Blue Thunderbolt Bow
11 Ic Hard Wooden Bow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Hard Wooden Bow (NGR) Ic Durable Wood Bow (GRE)
16 Ic Hardened Shortbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Hardened Shortbow (NGR) Ic Featherlight Hardened Shortbow (GRE)
21 Ic Overseer's Long Bow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Battle Bow (NGR) Ic Larna Mountain War Bow (GRE)
26 Ic Green Dwarf's Horn Bow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Green Dwarf's Horn Bow (NGR) Ic Horn Bow of the Earth Spirit King (GRE)
31 Ic Hard Feather Bow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Hard Feather Bow (NGR) Ic Astonishing Bow (GRE)
35 Ic Griffin's Wing (CNG) Ic Enhanced Griffin's Wing (NGR) Ic Dark Dragon's Wing (GRE)
Ic Wing of the Dragonking
36 Ic Bow of Accuracy (CNG) Ic Enhanced Bow of Accuracy (NGR) Ic Bow of the Falcon's Eye (GRE)
55 Crafting Festival Recipe Ic Green Feather Bow (REL)
56 Ic Swift Longbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Swift Longbow (NGR) Ic Rare Swift Longbow (GRE)
60 Recipe sold by Kira Woram [Honor Recipes Merchant] in Obsidian Stronghold Mercenary Square Ic Green Feather Bow (REL)
61 Ic Circus Bow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Circus Bow (NGR) Ic Rare Circus Bow (GRE)
65 Crafting Festival Recipe Ic Shamrock Feather Bow (REL)
66 Ic Bow of Rebellion (CNG) Ic Enhanced Bow of Rebellion (NGR) Ic Rare Bow of Rebellion (GRE)
70 Recipe found in a Mysterious Bag Ic Bow of Invasion (REL)
83 Ic Arum Longbow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Arum Longbow (NGR) Ic Rare Arum Longbow (GRE)
86 Ic Bow of Divine Words (CNG) Ic Enhanced Bow of Divine Words (NGR) Ic Rare Bow of Divine Words (GRE)
88 Ic Jeweled Chasm Bow (CNG) Ic Enhanced Jeweled Chasm Bow (NGR) Ic Rare Jeweled Chasm Bow (GRE)
93 Ic Thorn Bow of Veiled Mist Cape (CNG) Ic Enhanced Thorn Bow of Veiled Mist Cape (NGR) Ic Rare Thorn Bow of Veiled Mist Cape (GRE)
97 Ic Longbow of the Sandy Frontier (CNG) Ic Enhanced Longbow of the Sandy Frontier (NGR) Ic Rare Longbow of the Sandy Frontier (GRE)
100 Recipe dropped by mob name missing Ic Transformed Darkfang Longbow

Quested[edit | edit source]

Dropped[edit | edit source]

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