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The information on this page relates to special items available from the Black Codex.

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With the exception of the two Quest/Merchant NPCs in Dragonfang Ridge (Lyk), and the camp outside the entrance to Hall of Survivors, there are no Black Codex Merchants in any zone prior to Weeping Coast (55-ish).

Resource Bags are sold by certain Black Codex Merchants. These bags contain 100 of the Normal-grade refined resource named.

Merchant Zone POI Notes
Fend Keth Weeping Coast Boulderwind Village non-Rare Resources for levels 1 through 51 (except Dragonlair Wood Timber Dragonlair Wood Timber)
Lualine Fleur Northern Janost Forest Rh'anka Village Level 57 (Rune Obsidian Sand Bag Rune Obsidian Sand Bag,Thorn Apple Bundle Bag Thorn Apple Bundle Bag, Ancient Spirit Oak Timber Bag Ancient Spirit Oak Timber Bag)
Syier Hoff Limo Desert Earthsprings Village
Lhanka Robin Redhill Mountains Fireboot Underground Fortress Level 63 (Olivine Sand Bag Olivine Sand Bag, Fastan Banyan Timber Bag Fastan Banyan Timber Bag, Verbena Bundle Bag Verbena Bundle Bag)
Shirley Loran Land of Malevolence Kampel Town
Lillian Sangil Thunderhoof Hills Valley of Glory Level 69 (Nocturnal Lantern Grass Bundle Bag Nocturnal Lantern Grass Bundle Bag, Janost Cypress Timber Bag Janost Cypress Timber Bag, Purple Agate Crystal Sand Bag Purple Agate Crystal Sand Bag)
Camille Wright Chrysalia Sagthorne Camp Level 75 (Thunderhoof Grass Bundle Bag Thunderhoof Grass Bundle Bag, Todo Ginkgo Timber Bag Todo Ginkgo Timber Bag, Olegan Stone Sand Bag Olegan Stone Sand Bag)
Jami Bolank Wailing Fjord Muckgale Port Non-Rare Level 81 (Isyeh Grass Bundle Bag Isyeh Grass Bundle Bag, Wisteria Timber Bag Wisteria Timber Bag, Silver Fortune Stone Sand Bag Silver Fortune Stone Sand Bag)
mob name missing zone name needed POI name needed Rare Level 81 (Dragonsprout Grass Bundle Bag Dragonsprout Grass Bundle Bag, Blood Palm Timber Bag Blood Palm Timber Bag, Ironaxe Stone Sand Bag Ironaxe Stone Sand Bag)
Drake Shin Jungle of Hortek Leorden Stronghold Level 86 (Cold Psilotum Bundle Bag Cold Psilotum Bundle Bag, Summer Oak Timber Bag Summer Oak Timber Bag, Bag of Mutation Sand Sand Bag of Mutation Sand Sand)
Cherda Kabba Salioca Basin Genesis
Leonard Taff Kashaylan Hovik's Camp Non-Rare Level 91 (Snow Grass Bundle Bag Snow Grass Bundle Bag, Fire Mountain Tree Timber Bag Fire Mountain Tree Timber Bag, Rainbow Stone Sand Bag Rainbow Stone Sand Bag)
Edis Panka Splitwater Coast Northern Stronghold
mob name missing zone name needed POI name needed Rare Level 91 (Moon Grass Bundle Bag Moon Grass Bundle Bag, Bald Fir Wood Timber Bag Bald Fir Wood Timber Bag, Sea Crystal Sand Bag Sea Crystal Sand Bag)
Landy Ludo Moorlands of Farsitan Sandhor Level 96 (Shell Flower Bundle Bag Shell Flower Bundle Bag, Kandi Tree Timber Bag Kandi Tree Timber Bag, Argyrite Sand Bag Argyrite Sand Bag) for 44,000Gold 30Ancient Mementos 
Euyan Kylea Tasuq Gray Citadel
Robbi Warthi Korris Icefog Camp
Fenish Hang Enoch Azure Camp
Bruce Coin Vortis Sharptooth Settlement
Rui Margmar Chassizz Scorching Sun Camp