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In the lower-level zones, multiple merchants will sell different armor types, such as a Clothing Merchant that sells only Cloth armor. In the higher-level zones they tend to have a single merchant that sells the complete set of Common armor for that zone.

The title of these merchants above level 50 is usually Equipment Merchant but, in keeping with the lesser merchants, we are going to call them Armor Merchants.

Common Item Sets by Armor Merchants
Merchants Set Name Level
Locken 21-25
Shali Magellan Gorgeous 56
Leena Beare Excellent Common 63
mob name missing Exquisite Set 66
mob name missing Sublime 71
Hayse Alon, Nolis Alon Halcyon 76
Chachalon Mothwing, Didide Spiderfoot, Lolala Flyeye, Sassar Recall 81
Bobo Leathersky, Nopan Settler, Orietta Longspoon Holy 86
Alicia Visdun, Asiler Bigear, Dabiya, Kelon Ashbrow, Thamaka, Zuriba Eternal 93
Malimali Firetong, Equipment Merchant of the Hand of Balance, Erna Targos, Gattibo, Gogorch Snakeskin, Ima Clark, Karsol Glorious 96
mob name missing Tasuq Common 98