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Race - Arachneskor
Compendium Magical Creature
Racial Group Insect
Production RuneActivate Rune Activate Rune (Cooking)

An Arachneskor is a magically-created hybrid combining the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) attributes of an Ant, a Spider, and a Scorpion. The name of this race is obviously a contraction of "Arachnid" and "Scorpion".

It has the hive behavior of an Ant, the aggression of a hunting Spider, and the forward-attacking stinger of a Scorpion (but coiled safely behind and beneath it).

Arachneskors are found in very few parts of the world, and prefer arid, desert regions, but given their survival advantages they are sure to spread. This race bears close watching, and as it is magical and not natural, the Eye of Wisdom may wish to engage the Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild to launch a campaign of eradication before they push out too many natural species. A bounty on body parts should be sufficient to encourage the Adventurers to suppress the species.

No members have stepped forward to claim the creation of this species, but we have our suspicions.
--Benni Hasker [Ailic's Community]

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