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Anniversary Celebration This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Anniversary Celebration (March)

The information on this page changes, a little or a lot, each year. The following years are links to past versions of this page.
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In 2018 the Anniversary Celebration started on March 1st and ended on March 27th, launching the Spring Rain Festival.

Frog Mania

Log in each day to increase your Frog Mania rank, up to a max of 5, which grants a number of Ic Celebration Certificates equal to the rank of Frog Mania, plus a Ic 8th Anniversary Gasha. The effect last 1 day (ignore the value under the icon, look at the mouseover) and refreshes when increased. You must log in between the daily reset (7am Pacific, 9am Central) and before the effect's timer expires. Simply staying logged in does not increase Frog Mania, you must be logged out and log in within the daily window.

Making the Permanent Mount: You need Ic Exquisite Ribbon x93 from Convokenz Rushman, Ic Piecemeal Herbs x189 from Flogg Shuiss, and Ic Arcane Transmutor Charges x93.

Gifts[edit | edit source]

From March 16th to 19th the RoM Devs will send you a daily email to the first toon logged in.

Gifts received this year include:

XP/TP Boost[edit | edit source]

From March 16th to 19th, 0001 to 2359 PDT, enjoy the following boosts:

  • +200% quest and combat XP
  • +500% combat TP
  • +200% droprate

Frog Mania[edit | edit source]

Frog Mania

Each day, when you log in, you will receive a +1 increase to your Frog Mania rank. Each rank of Frog Mania increases the rewards you are gifted and it's duration to 48 hours but you must wait at least 24 hours to log in again to increase it. After Rank 5 the Frog Mania will reset to Rank 1.

Dramatis Personae[edit | edit source]

Ostrich Mounts[edit | edit source]

See Flogg's Fortune Cookie for more information on obtaining these mounts.

The above image will cycle every 5 seconds.

Events[edit | edit source]

A Magical Method of Disaster Aversion[edit | edit source]

Talk to a Naughty Frog and it will change into; 1) an Angry Frog which attacks you (fight it until its Frog Shield is exhausted}, or 2) a Friendly Frog. Now use the Ic Magic Cage to get a Ic Cage with Frog.

Frog Killer[edit | edit source]

In the past few days, magical tornadoes suddenly appeared and dropped Magic Frogs Northwest of Logar. Due to the increased demand for magic potions, Ic Frog Legs Full of Energy are needed in vast quantities to increase the success rate of potion's creation. Go out there, kill the Magical Frogs and bring the Ic Frog Legs Full of Energy to help out with the special event.

Sea of the Frogs[edit | edit source]

Bring him a Ic Mountain Demon Grass Sap and he will give you a Ic Transformation Potion - Frog Warrior. The potion's effect has a 10 minute duration

Now, go to Hending Harbor, use the Ic Transformation Potion - Frog Warrior and kill a Treasure Chest Guard (10 Elite) to get a Ic Treasure Chest Key to open the chests revealed by the Frog Search (Alt-4) skill.

Frog Warrior skills

As a Frog Warrior, your first 3 skills break Range Mode (Alt-1), Magical Mode (Alt-2), and Bash Mode (Alt-3). Target a Treasure Chest Guard and place your mouse over the effect he has on him to learn if he is in Range, Magical or Bash mode. Use the correct skill to break it and damage him. When defeated he gives you a Ic Treasure Chest Key (expires in 10 minutes). Find a chest and open it to get a Ic Forgotten Jewel. If needed, you can use the Frog Recover (Alt-5) skill to heal yourself.

The Hidden Treasures have a 2 hour expiration and can be handed in only once per day.

Candara Frog Contest[edit | edit source]

Steer your frog the same way you steer a Cavy to capture it. The frog will always move directly away from you.

Flogg’s Fortune Cookie[edit | edit source]

She gives you a Ic Frog Elixir which turns you into a frog for 30 minutes and cannot be cancelled.

Target a Magic Frog and use Alt-1 or Alt-2 to curse or compliment him. When joy or ___ reaches 5 you will get Ic Frog Tears or Ic Frog Sincerity. Get 3 of each and return to Flogg Shuiss. Now she gives you Ic Frog Charm. Find one of the 3 following persons, use the charm, talk to them to try to get some herbs.

Speak to as many of the 3 as you can within the 3 minute potion duration.

If you have an Ic Herb Gift Box you can exchange it with Caven Jett for one of the following:

Bring Flogg Shuiss:

If you have a Ic Purple Ostrich Mount (Permanent), a Ic Savage Ostrich Mount (Permanent), and a Ic Thunder Ostrich Mount (Permanent) you can exchange them woth Caven Jett for a Ic Thunder Hippogriff Mount (Permanent).

Frog Transformation[edit | edit source]

You will need to write down the order of the colored fairies you need. Jump over the fairy when you find it.

Space Balls[edit | edit source]

All of these involve jumping on the floating disks, so if you are lagged at all you can't possibly do these tasks.

Space Supremacy[edit | edit source]

  • Event type: collect within the time
  • Start: Gredd Starchasser [Space Supremacy Host] at Varanas Bridge
  • Event Target: capture the colored space balls within a limited time

Clear the Playground[edit | edit source]

  • Event type: capture monsters
  • Start: Fell Cage [Space Supremacy Worker] at Varanas Bridge
  • Event Target: Use the net to capture the Light Crows flying above the ground

Research Materials[edit | edit source]

  • Event type: capture monsters
  • Start: Dennis Jones [Levitation Researcher] at Varanas Bridge
  • Event Target: Use the scent to capture a Greedy Ball floating in space

Retrieve the Space Balls[edit | edit source]

Treasure Riot[edit | edit source]

  • Event type: find and collect items
  • Start: Kekonee [Secret Garden Manager] at Varanas Bridge
  • Event Target: Find and collect the set of cards to trade them with Kekonee.

You have 60 seconds to open as many chests as you can. Some of the chest contents are listed below.

If you find a Golden Sheep, kill and loot it for a Ic Golden Fleece which you can exchange with Kekonee for Ic Celebration Certificate x2. Hint: Use tab targeting as they move very quickly.

You can also trade 6 "cards" to Kekonee to get an Ic Ancient Treasure Key, but this is not the key you need. The Ic Glistening Jade Treasure Chest needs a Ic Jade Treasure Chest Key instead.

She tells you the 6 cards you need are Ic All the best, Ic for, Ic this year's, Ic anniversary, Ic of. and Ic Runes of Magic. These drop from common mobs throughout Taborea.

Alalis Trial[edit | edit source]

This is like a human game of Three Card Monty. You need to keep track of the real Alalis as she exchanges places with her shadows. When she is done "shuffling" you have just three guesses to find the real one!

Item Shop Event Sale[edit | edit source]

Dagger Skeleton Mount