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Ammo Merchants sell Ammunition level-appropriate to the zone they are in. Many General Merchants , but not all, also sell Ammunition, as do some Weapons Merchants .

Merchant Zone POI Level Range Notes
Aidan Silverspring Varanas Lower City East 1 to 21
Chryse Silverspring Vender Caravan 1 to 21
Carl Aslan Valley Silverfall 1 to 21
Kesuda Sascillia Steppes Ayren Caravan 1 to 21
Carter Ystra Highlands Khalara Watchtower 1 and 21 to 28
Morgan Ystra Highlands Harf Trading Post 1 and 28 to 35
Orsie Dust Devil Canyon Obsidian Stronghold Mercenary Square 35 to 49
Pancer Dust Devil Canyon Karzac Camp 35 to 49
Silvershadow Adventurers'
Guild Provisioner
Coast of Opportunity
see Mob page 1 to 49
Shad Masi Weeping Coast Mudpond Village 42 to 51
Barry Haishenmo Weeping Coast Boulderwind Village 44 to 54
Folok Tergothen Bay Kyosa Village 56 to 70
Nile Getty Tergothen Bay Sardis Port 56 to 66
Oddysey Oddyseus Tergothen Bay North Thornose Beach 1 and 66
Hutu Spiderlegs Tergothen Bay Piranha Port 1 and 56 to 70
Tracy Hoya Tergothen Bay Kingdom of Lechif 61 to 66
Wakeen Duran Wailing Fjord Muckgale Port 63 to 66