Bring Me a Hide Armor

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 [1] Bring Me a Hide Armor
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Kate Armor
Icon - End Quest.png End: Kate Armor

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Bring a Hide Armor to the Novice Armorcrafting Instructor Kate Armor in Varanas.


As a matter of fact... I used to want to be a craftsman of finer works, but my instructors taught me how to make heavy armor instead. Don't you think that's just mean? Anyways, I am a woman. Though my name, speech and appearance might not be like that of a typical girl, I still possess the sensitive mind of a woman...

Well. After hearing all this, do you still want to force a poor girl to continue teaching you armorcrafting skills that she doesn't even really enjoy?

Well! I can tell you are serious about this. Alright, I will teach you, ok? Bring me a Hide Armor. We'll use it during your instruction. Poor me...


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Hey, fix the shoulders here. Good! Next you need to...
Er... Why are you looking at me like that? Working hard is a must. I work hard because that is my responsibility, not because I like to!


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This is it. Great! So let's begin the lesson!

Firstly, I will give you some rudimentary knowledge on armorcrafting! The function of armor is protecting people, as well as giving them a certain appearance. When wearing armor, freedom of movement is also a consideration. Otherwise, you might as well just go hide in a castle! So armor must be strong, beautiful and should not restrict movement too much. Therefore...

Why are you looking at me like that? Let me say up front, I'm teaching you these because they're required for the course, not because I love repeating this information over and over!


Armor Crafting - Craftsman