Bring Me Mountain Demon Grass(Obsidian)

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Crafting Quest
[+] Crafting
 [+] Herbalism
  [1][Crafting] Bring Me Mountain Demon Grass
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Brandt Kearcher (Dust Devil Canyon)
Icon - End Quest.png End: Brandt Kearcher
Herbalism (Gathering)

Your skill level in Herbalism must be at least 20 in order to receive this quest.


Bring Mountain Demon Grass Mountain Demon Grass ×20 to Brandt Kearcher, Novice Herbalism Instructor at the Obsidian Stronghold.


Looks like you have prepared yourself for more formal training.

But you must first hand in some Mountain Demon Grass for this training. About 20 bundles. Hmm, I could have said that this is the price for seeking knowledge! But I might as well tell you the truth. You can make many basic potions with Mountain Demon Grass, so I often run out. Anyways, consider it your tuition!


I know it is not easy for you. But you still have to collect 20 shares of Mountain Demon Grass before I can make you a Craftsman. Otherwise it would be unfair for those who followed the rules, right?


Thank you. Let's get started! I will teach you craftsman herb gathering skills as best I can.


Herbalist - Craftsman