Bring Me Hide Armor

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 [1] Bring Me Hide Armor
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Dortrei Yaman
Icon - End Quest.png End: Dortrei Yaman

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Deliver a Hide Armor to Dortrei Yaman, Novice Armorcrafting Instructor at the Obsidian Stronghold.


Very good! I haven't met anyone willing to accept my challenge for a long time!

My challenge is... the famous Frost Chainmail! This is the strongest chainmail that can be made using craftsman-level techniques!


Wait a minute, you're just an apprentice? Oh! Sorry, my mistake. If you are an apprentice, then you should be able to make Hide Armor, right? Make me a suit of Hide Armor, and I will make you a Craftsman. Practice well, and one day you may be qualified to accept my challenge.


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Me? I was also a Knight before! Not a mercenary knight like the ones from the Order of Dark Glory, but a Knight by Imperial order! But my captain said I got too excited when I was fighting, so he transferred me to the armor repair department. He didn't realize that this unleashed my true potential! After I became an armor master in charge of everthing around me, I left the Order to further develop my skills here!


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Very good, you brought me the Hide Armor I requested! Now I will teach you craftsman techniques!

First of all, in armorcrafting, the heart is the key! Secondly, it is the heart! A lastly the heart again! You must do things with passion in your heart! That is the secret to creating armor at the craftsman level!

As to the process of actually making the armor, that we will learn gradually...


Armor Crafting - Craftsman