Bolida Wood

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Bolida Wood
Race (MCT)Myconid (Beast)
Class Knight Knight
Level06 Solo non-aggressive
Respawn 00:01:30 GDRT
LocationElven Island / Spore Grove
Elven Island
Bolida Wood

To find this mob in-game, use BACKSPACE to open the World Search window, then enter Bolida Wood in the Search field and click "Search". Remember, the field is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

A Word About Common Drops: Every mob in the game has a chance to drop Health Potions, Mana Potions, Ammunition, Runes and Festival Items, as well as a few rarer items such as Amulet of Light Amulet of Light. For this reason, we discourage listing them in the Known Drops section. See Common Drop Table for more information. Exception: All mobs always drop the same Production Rune and we will list it. Also see Elven Island (Zone Loot Table) for more information about common drops in this zone.


Standing in front of Bolida Wood's Residence
View of Bolida Wood's Location

Bolida Wood, the Mushroom King, lives inside a large tree trunk on the northwest side of the Spore Grove on the Elven Island. The quest says to look for a tree, but it is actually a tree trunk house with a large front doorway. He is just standing inside of it. On the main map go west of the top of the large mushroom and south of the air ship dock. He is located at 27,71 in Spore Grove.


- Only the Mushroom King...


Quest Items:

- Giant Mushroom Stem