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                [Artificers' Guild]
                Race (MCT)Human (Humanoid)
                TypeEvent Merchant
                LevelNon-Player Character
                LocationThunderhoof Hills / Abandoned District of Dalanis
                Race: Human

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                To find this mob in-game, use BACKSPACE to open the World Search window, then enter Birdie in the Search field and click "Search". Remember, the field is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

                All recipes she sells are for Tailoring or Alchemy, and she also sells all of the required materials. Recipes all cost 500Gold , and the materials cost from 115Gold  to 299Gold .

                Her recipes cover a wide range of required skill. She may refuse to sell you a recipe she knows you are not ready for. However, she will be happy to sell you a recipe you have already learned, so be methodical!

                Crafting Festival Recipes Sold By Fiona and Birdie
                Level Skill Recipe Product Quality
                15 Alchemy Recipe - Smelted Alloy Recipe - Smelted Alloy Common
                15 Tailoring Recipe - DIIOR Pants Suit Recipe - DIIOR Pants Suit Normal
                25 Alchemy Recipe - Super Solvent Recipe - Super Solvent Common
                25 Tailoring Recipe - CUCCI Pants Suit Recipe - CUCCI Pants Suit Normal
                35 Alchemy Recipe - Philosopher's Stone Recipe - Philosopher's Stone Common
                35 Tailoring Recipe - LY Pants Suit Recipe - LY Pants Suit Normal
                45 Alchemy Recipe - Mass-produced Stone of Wisdom Recipe - Mass-produced Stone of Wisdom Common
                45 Tailoring Recipe - SHANEL Pants Suit Recipe - SHANEL Pants Suit Normal
                55 Alchemy Recipe - Magical Energy Crystal Recipe - Magical Energy Crystal Common
                55 Tailoring Recipe - ZERA Pants Suit Recipe - ZERA Pants Suit Normal
                65 Alchemy Recipe - Modified Stone of Wisdom Recipe - Modified Stone of Wisdom Common
                65 Tailoring Recipe - POSS Pants Suit Recipe - POSS Pants Suit Normal
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