Big Angel's Sigh

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Cost: 15Diamonds ($0.45)  or 30Mirror Shard  or Destiny Badge Destiny Badge ×20
Maximum Stack Size: 99
Sold by:

This item comes from:

Icon - Big Angel's Sigh.png
Big Angel's Sigh
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold
Experience point loss through death is waived for 1 day.
Also prevents "Injured" state during the Siege War.
(Effect duration also includes offline time.)

When you compare the cost of one of these (15Diamonds ($0.45) ) before you engage in risky behavior, versus the cost of a God's Redemption Ticket God's Redemption Ticket (19Diamonds ($0.57) ) afterwards, this ounce of prevention is cheaper than the pound of cure (but really, not by much).

Available in the following versions:

This item was a gift from the Daily Loyalty Bonus in December 2016.