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Worth: 4Gold 
Maximum Stack Size: 999

This material can be obtained by Gathering from Beetroot by those with a minimum Herbalism skill of 8.

This item comes from Beetroot
Wild Berries.JPG
Icon - Beetroot.png
Worth: 4 Gold

For information on Gathering from Resource Node objects and where to find them, see Resource Nodes.

Gather using Herbalism (8) from Beetroot
Gathered Raw Material: Beetroot Beetroot
Refine using Extraction (8)
Refine 2 Beetroot Beetroot to make 1 Beetroot Bundle Beetroot Bundle
Refine 4 Beetroot Bundle Beetroot Bundle or 8 Beetroot Beetroot to make 1 Beetroot Sap Beetroot Sap
Refine 6 Beetroot Sap Beetroot Sap or 48 Beetroot Beetroot to make 1 Beetroot Extract Beetroot Extract
ItemMerchant ValueGuild Donation
Beetroot Beetroot4Gold 121
Beetroot Bundle Beetroot Bundle8Gold 161.5
Beetroot Sap Beetroot Sap40Gold 1.25181.13
Beetroot Extract Beetroot Extract200Gold 1.04720.75
IdealBeetroot Sap Beetroot SapBeetroot Bundle Beetroot Bundle