Battle Report from the Enemy

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Starts: [80] Message Interception (RW/Ggl)
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Icon - Battle Report from the Enemy.png
Battle Report from the Enemy
Not dropped on PK death
Unique Item
Cannot be sold
"You fools! Can't even handle these small things! If Master Klamorte blames us, we are so dead...quick! Send out some people..."
This is a quest required item.
Start Message Interception
Right-click to use this item.

This item is UNIQUE. You may not possess more than one!

The first time you get this item, right-click the item, then click Accept, to start Message Interception.

Once you have completed Message Interception: When you get another Battle Report from the Enemy Battle Report from the Enemy, right-click it (use it), then 'Accept to start [Daily] Additional Reports.

For Completionists:

In order to start [Public] Additional Reports you need to first Accept [Daily] Additional Reports, then right-click (use) again and Accept again to start [Public] Additional Reports. Then Abandon [Daily] Additional Reports so you can turn in the Public. You have to do it this way because turning in either one deletes the Battle Report from the Enemy Battle Report from the Enemy.