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Worth: 12Gold 
Maximum Stack Size: 999
Item her 010.png
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold

For information on Gathering from Resource Node objects and where to find them, see Resource Nodes.

ItemMerchant ValueGuild Donation
item name neededneed1need1
item name neededneedneed
item name neededneedneed
item name neededneedneed
Idealitem name neededitem name needed

  • Herbalism level 32

Processed Herbs

Guild Donation Related Notes

  • Common Material. Ideal refinement level is Barsaleaf Bundle (green) and no further.
  • Raw guild donation value (Herb): 6
  • Processed ideal refinement material's value: 18 per 2 unprocessed pieces (9 per unprocessed unit)
  • Effectiveness multiplication value by refining to ideal refinement level: 1.5
  • It may worth it to disassemble an already existent Barsaleaf Extract and then refine it to Barsaleaf Bundle (green). Effectiveness multiplication value: 1.5