Bank Space Scroll

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See Item Shop Items

This item comes from:

Icon - Bank Space Scroll.png
Bank Space Scroll __ (n Days)
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold
Use this to obtain additional bank space for n days. This scroll is limited to tab __.
(Effect duration also includes offline time.)

__ is a Roman Numeral from II to V, and n is either 7 or 30.

Ruby Shop:

On the Bank UI the costs are in Diamonds.

  • 7Diamonds ($0.21)  for 3 Days ($.0967/day)
  • 13Diamonds ($0.39)  for 7 Days ($.0786/day)
  • 22Diamonds ($0.66)  for 15 Days ($.0613/day)
  • 31Diamonds ($0.92)  for 30 Days ($.0433/day)
  • 70Diamonds ($2.09)  for 90 Days ($.0327/day)
  • 110Diamonds ($3.28)  for 180 Days ($.0257/day) BEST VALUE

There does not seem to be any real way to compute the real-world USD value of a Ruby, but analysis of the Diamond costs for rental shows clearly that 180 day rental is the best value, as you would expect.