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Bag Quest is the name players have given the group of Public quests in Coast pf Opportunity and Xaviera that reward a small amount of XP/TP, gold, and an Old Bag Old Bag. The Old Bag Old Bag can contain an Elite Skill Training Certificate Elite Skill Training Certificate usable for training with Lowen Dunlit [Elite Skills Trainer] at Heffner Camp in Coast of Opportunity only.

Only the first two, Invaders from the Sea and Attack of the Raging Snakes, are always doable. All the others that we have tried have at least one task that is sometimes broken by missing mobs or objects, or a lack of other players. For these reason, many higher characters can often be found at Heffner Camp grinding Old Bags Old Bags to get their 15-50 Elite Skills.

Note: If you change classes, or exit the zone (even for a second) where the bag quest starts, while a Bag Quest is active in your Quest Journal, you will probably have to abandon the quest and re-start it, as the Temporary Skills will be lost when you change/zone.