Aymi is not food!

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  [8] Aymi is not food!
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Hinhus
Icon - End Quest.png End: Hinhus

You need to be at least Level 6 to receive this quest.


Go into Barren Caves and open the box containing Aymi.

Goals: * Discover Aymi

The Kobolds at the Barren Caves are the worst!

One day I was near the Barren Caves to pick some herbs and the next second Aymi was taken away by a kobold.

Aymi is not a normal rabbit. To me it is an important herb finding rabbit. It can smell precious herbs from a mile away!

If the Kobolds were using Aymi as a herb finding rabbit, then it would be fine; but I fear that they might try to eat it!

These Kobolds have a habit of hiding there food in boxes, please search the boxes and find Aymi for me! I hope there is still time left...

- [Hinhus], Alchemy Instructor


Those horrid Kobolds!

My Aymi!

I have to rescue Aymi before it becomes the Kobolds' dinner!

- [Hinhus], Alchemy Instructor

On Completion

You said Aymi ran away the moment you opened the box?

I hope it gets out of the Barren Caves alive. At least it won't become dinner...

- [Hinhus], Alchemy Instructor


Aymi can be found by inspecting Storage Boxes located within the Barren Caves.


  • Experience: 114
  • TP: 11
  • Money: 222 Gold