Auction House Clerk

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Auction House Clerk
Race (MCT)Human (Beast)
TypeAuction House Clerk
LevelNon-Player Character
Locationsee table below
Race: Human

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To find this mob in-game, use BACKSPACE to open the World Search window, then enter Auction House Clerk in the Search field and click "Search". Remember, the field is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

Auction House Clerks give you access to the Auction House UI where you can sell to and buy from other players.

At least one major city or town in each zone in Runes of Magic will have their own Auction House Clerk where players can access the Auction House to sell and buy from other players.

Sometimes their personal name is displayed, but often they are simply called Auction House Clerk.

If you use World Search for Auction House Clerk you will find only four: in Varanas (Varanas Central Plaza), Aslan Valley (Silverfall), Tergothen Bay (Piranha Port), and Syrbal Pass (Hyern Village).

A Few examples of locations:

Name Zone Location Notes
O'shel Howling Mountains Logar At a tent near the transport hub/windmill.
Yaku Hudson Elven Islands Valley of Preparation Under a tent next to the planting instructor.
Auction House Clerk Yrvandis Hollows Morfantas City
Auction House Clerk Coast of Opportunity Heffner Camp
Auction House Clerk Silverspring Varanas Central Plaza Three Auction House Clerks that can be found directly across from the Bank.
Auction House Clerk Aslan Valley Silverfall
Auction House Clerk Dust Devil Canyon Obsidian Stronghold Glory Square six auction house clerks that can be found southeast of the Bank.
Auction House Clerk Weeping Coast Boulderwind Village Near Juri Krugman
Lizzy Parker [Market Crier] Jungle of Hortek Leorden Stronghold
Auction House Clerk Tergothen Bay Piranha Port
Auction House Clerk Syrbal Pass Hyern Village
Babs Kettel [Auction House Employee] Wailing Fjord Muckgale Port
Jake Brunner [Auction House Clerk] Kashaylan Hovik Camp
Wollick Tjark [Auction House Clerk] Moorlands of Farsitan Heroica Fortress
Eylaroth Hal [Auction House Clerk] Tasuq, Enoch, Vortis, Chassizz Gray Citadel, Nebula Woods Camp, Azure Camp, Camp at Cape Luna, Halfmoon Camp, Scorching Sun Camp

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