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Attack of the Raging Snakes

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Public Quest
[+] Coast of Opportunity
 [+] Lyonsyde Tribe
  [27][Public] Attack of the Raging Snakes
This is a Bag Quest
Expansion: Ch.IV: Lands of Despair
Icon - Start Public Quest.png Start: Kelly Cindai (RW/Ggl) @ Lyonsyde Tribe (Coast of Opportunity)
Related Mobs:
Icon - End Public Quest.png End: Kelly Cindai (RW/Ggl) @ Lyonsyde Tribe
 XP: 28,621
 TP: 2,862
 Gold: 1,893Gold 
You will receive:
Lands of Despair

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter IV: Lands of Despair.

You need to be at least Level 25 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 19 to turn-in this quest.

Public Quests are infinitely repeatable. Those in Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera reward XP, TP, Gold, and an Old Bag Old Bag (hence the common sobriquet, Bag Quests).

In all other zones they do not reward XP, TP or Gold, only Public Event Points Public Event Points. In all other aspects they are the same as a Daily Quest (except for the infinitely repeatable part and the rewards).
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Need: 10 Key Objectives

Find Kelly Cindai at Lyonsyde Tribe after the task is completed.

Each time you receive this quest the tasks, and the temporary skills you are granted, will change. The first time through, the tasks will be in the order presented. Afterwards, the sequence becomes random.

Completing the quest 6 times in a row will earn an increased experience reward.

Each phase can be identified by a named Effect that appears in your Effect Box.

A Soldier snake is any Speckled Boa, Marsh Boa, or Basilisk Boa nearby.

Being Prepared[edit | edit source]

  • Foolasnake Powder - For 10 seconds, you can approach Soldier snakes undetected.
  • Extract Venom in Chaos - Steals a Venom Sample from a Soldier snake. The target must be engaged in combat, but not with you, and cannot be de-venomed. Earns 2 Key Objectives and the target is permanently de-venomed.
  • Stealing Venom - Steals a Venom Sample from a Soldier snake. The target must NOT be engaged in combat and cannot be currently de-venomed. Earns 2 Key Objectives and the target is permanently de-venomed.

Extract Venom in Chaos is probably all you will use, as almost ALL of the Soldier snakes are fighting someone.

Lyonsyde Hound[edit | edit source]

For the second and third skills to work, the target must have loot and be sparkling. When the skill completes the body vanishes so you must give up the loot to hold it long enough for the skill to work.

Gold Coin Warrior[edit | edit source]

  • Nimble Hands and Feet - If you solo a Soldier Snake, when it dies it may get the Intact Corpse effect. Once activated, you do not need to recast this as long as you stay in the area. It has no timer. If you are not sure, look for the Nimble Hands and Feet effect in your Effects Box on your UI.
  • Benefit of Experience - Only usable on Soldier snakes that are currently attacking a tribesman. Kills the snake in a single blow.
    • We have no idea why this skill exists, because it does NOT gain a Key Objective, nor does it put the snake in Intact Corpse, so you cannot Extract Value from it.
  • Mutually Beneficial Relationship - Only usable on other Players. Gives a 60-second buff called Phirius Contract. When this player kills a snake while the effect is active, there is a chance you will earn 1 Key Objective. The killed snake may receive the Intact Corpse effect.
  • Extract Value - Only usable out-of-combat on a snake corpse with the Intact Corpse effect. You earn 1 Key Objective and have a chance to earn an extra Key Objective.

If there are no other Players present, Mutually Beneficial Relationship cannot be used. Further, Benefit of Experience has no real use to you.

If the snake is dead and does not have loot (no sparklies) you have to be very fast (almost impossible) with the Extract Value before the corpse fades.

Repairs Expert[edit | edit source]

This task works exactly the same as Quick Guide to Facility Repair on [7][Public] Invaders from the Sea. Respond correctly 4 times to gain 2 Key Objectives. Remember, "Spray, Residue, Coating".

The Experienced Craftsman may move back and forth along the barricade. If he does, be sure you move with him. It is best to make sure you are standing straight-on to the barricade. That way, when he moves, left and right movement will follow him easily.

Cooperation[edit | edit source]

Search for clues about the snakes' mutations[edit | edit source]

  • Live Catch Tactic - If Caught a Live One stacks more than 3 times, you can use Grab Snake! and gain 1 Key Objective.
  • Make Snake Trap - Lasts 14 seconds. If a Soldier Snake passes over the trap it will be caught, adding one rank to Caught a Live One, and you earn 1 Key Objective
  • Grab Snake! - Soldier Snake health must be less than 5%. You earn 1 Key Objective

Three ways to do this:

  • Use Make Snake Trap, then tap a snake (do not KILL it!) to make it run to you and back up a little to get it to step in the trap. Gain a Key Objective, and raise Caught a Live One! by 1 rank.
  • Get Caught a Live One! to rank 3, then you can use Grab Snake! on the next one. Gain a Key Objective.
  • Smack a snake until it comes to you, then use low-damage skills to whittle it towards <5% HP, then Grab Snake!. Gain a Key Objective.
    • Hard to do if you are squishy. You need to be able to ignore snake damage and poison while you whittle him down.

Venom-Proof Protection[edit | edit source]

  • Unstable Cape - Lasts 10 seconds. Use before combat. Grants Unstable Cape' effect. If you get a venom effect, this may trigger Energy Backfire'. If you do NOT, you gain 1 Key Objective
  • The magic... messed up! - If you have the Energy Backfire' effect, an Ailic's Community member will teleport to you, remove the effect, and you gain 1 Key Objective

Looks like, no matter if you get poisoned, or not, while Unstable Cape is active, you gain 1 Key Objective.

Life Force and Nature[edit | edit source]

  • Bury a Seed - 6 seconds after planting, the plant emerges as a Nature's Form, reducing movement speed, attack power, and defense of all Soldier Snakes in range. Lasts 180 seconds. Planting a new seed before the old plant fades will cause the old plant to vanish. 2 min. CD
  • Death Must Bring Life - Use on dead Basilisk Boas near your Nature's Form. Grows a new Nature's Form. You gain 1 Key Objective.
  • Life Form - Use on dead Marsh Boas near your Nature's Form. Nature's Form unleashes destructive energy, reducing HP of all Soldier Snakes in range by 30%. For each snake that dies by this explosion, you gain 1 Key Objective.

Looks like you want to plant a seed, damage a lot of snakes down to less than 30% each, then kill one of the Marsh Boas and use Life Form.

Be sure to use Death Must Bring Life on any Basilisk Boa you kill.