Artificers' Guild (Material Package)

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Crafting Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Crafting Festival (June)
Relevant Topic: Helping Hand of the Craftsmen
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Artificers' Guild (Material Package)
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold

This package is a daily reward for completion of Helping Hand of the Craftsmen, a task in the Crafting Festival. This was changed in 2017. All of the recipes that were found in this package are now available for sale from the Crafting Recipe Master.

Necklaces[edit | edit source]

Required Level of the Necklace is 71

Royal Furniture Recipes[edit | edit source]

These recipes all require a Rare drop from a Boss, plus 3 Rare harvestable resources, a crafted Raw Material, and a Ic Vanquisher's Loot to make a decorative furniture item (trophy) for your Residence or Guild Castle.

Special Commodity Recipes[edit | edit source]

Special Armor Recipes[edit | edit source]

All armor recipes here are for Upper Body pieces.

Special Weapon Recipes[edit | edit source]

Blacksmithing[edit | edit source]

Carpentry[edit | edit source]

Raw Material Recipes[edit | edit source]