Armor Driller

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Quest papyrus03.png
Armor Driller
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold
Can be used to add one extra rune slot to a Armor up to a maximum of ___ slots.
(After right-clicking this item, clik on the Armor you want to add the rune slot.)

Armor Drillers are purchased in the Item Shop and come in several varieties, quantities and price points.

Item Max Slots Diamond Cost Ruby Bonus Phirius Token Coin
Basic Armor Driller Basic Armor Driller 1 9Diamonds ($0.27)  4Rubies  180Phirius Token Coins 
Advanced Armor Driller Advanced Armor Driller 2 39Diamonds ($1.16)  8Rubies  380Phirius Token Coins 
Advanced Armor Driller Advanced Armor Driller ×5 2 169Diamonds ($5.04)  54Rubies 
Expert Armor Driller Expert Armor Driller 3 75Diamonds ($2.24)  16Rubies 
Master Armor Driller Master Armor Driller 4