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Trade Overview[edit source]

Everybody needs some protection!
Armorcrafting is a wide field to master, but if you practice diligently, you may one day enter the circle of the great masters.

To craft armor, you first need to be near Armorcrafting Tools (See Below). Just look for the green arrow with the hammer icon floating above it. Go to "Crafting" in the system menu and select "Armorcrafting". Then select the item you want to create and the quantity.

Leather goes in one end, Armor comes out the other!

Details[edit source]

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Icon Armor Recipes Level
Light Breastplate Recipe: Light Breastplate 1
Hochim Soldier's Helm.R Recipe: Hochim Soldier's Helm.R 2
Leather Leg Guards Recipe: Leather Leg Guards 3
Enhanced Leather Leg Guards Recipe: Enhanced Leather Leg Guards 3
Wild Beast Leg Guards Recipe: Wild Beast Leg Guards 3
Leather Armor Recipe: Leather Armor 5
Enhanced Leather Armor Recipe: Enhanced Leather Armor 5
Rough Copper Leg Guards Recipe: Rough Copper Leg Guards 7
Enhanced Rough Copper Leg Guards Recipe: Enhanced Rough Copper Leg Guards 7
Fine Copper Leg Guards Recipe: Fine Copper Leg Guards 7
Rough Copper Leg Guards Recipe: Rough Copper Leg Guards 9
Decorative Leather Armor Recipe: Decorative Leather Armor 9
Rough Copper Chainmail Recipe: Rough Copper Chainmail 11
Enhanced Rough Copper Chainmail Recipe: Enhanced Rough Copper Chainmail 11
Goni Chainmail Recipe: Goni Chainmail 11
Barbarian Leather Recipe: Barbarian Leather 12
Enhanced Barbarian Leather Recipe: Enhanced Barbarian Leather 12
Barbarian Leather Armor Recipe: Barbarian Leather Armor 12
Straight Chain Leg Guards Recipe: Straight Chain Leg Guards 13
Enhanced Straight Chain Leg Guards Recipe: Enhanced Straight Chain Leg Guards 13
Ringmail Leg Guards Recipe: Ringmail Leg Guards 13
Barbarian Leg Guards Recipe: Barbarian Leg Guards 14
Enhanced Barbarian Leg Guards Recipe: Enhanced Barbarian Leg Guards 14
Barbarian Leg Guards Recipe: Barbarian Leg Guards 14
Straight Chainmail Recipe: Straight Chainmail 15
Heroic Leather Recipe: Heroic Leather 16
Enhanced Heroic Leather Recipe: Enhanced Heroic Leather 16
Padded Leather Armor Recipe: Padded Leather Armor 16
Beast Leg Guards Recipe: Beast Leg Guards 17
Enhanced Beast Leg Guards Recipe: Enhanced Beast Leg Guards 17
Tigerskin Leg Guards Recipe: Tigerskin Leg Guards 17
Loyal Leg Guards Recipe: Loyal Leg Guards 18
Enhanced Loyal Leg Guards Recipe: Enhanced Loyal Leg Guards 18
Tarkba Leg Guards Recipe: Tarkba Leg Guards 18
Hide Armor Recipe: Hide Armor 19
Heavy Chainmail Recipe: Heavy Chainmail 20
Enhanced Heavy Chainmail Recipe: Enhanced Heavy Chainmail 20
Saye's Knotted Mail Recipe: Saye's Knotted Mail 20
Silverlock Leg Guards Recipe: Silverlock Leg Guards 21
Enhanced Silver Chain Leg Guards Recipe: Enhanced Silver Chain Leg Guards 21
Huge Chain Leg Guards Recipe: Huge Chain Leg Guards 21
Phylline Leg Guards Recipe: Phylline Leg Guards 22
Silver Chainmail Recipe: Silver Chainmail 23
Enhanced Silver Chainmail Recipe: Enhanced Silver Chainmail 23
Frost Chainmail Recipe: Frost Chainmail 23
Force Leather Recipe: Force Leather 24
Enhanced Force Leather Recipe: Enhanced Force Leather 24
Eiderdown Leg Guards Recipe: Eiderdown Leg Guards 25
Fishscale Leg Armor Recipe: Fishscale Leg Armor 25
Microcrystal Leg Guards Recipe: Microcrystal Leg Guards 26
Enhanced Microcrystal Leg Guards Recipe: Enhanced Microcrystal Leg Guards 26
Blue Crystal Leg Guards Recipe: Blue Crystal Leg Guards 26
Layered Fish Scale Leg Guards Recipe: Layered Fish Scale Leg Guards 26
Eiderdown Leather Armor Recipe: Eiderdown Leather Armor 27
Enhanced Feathered Leather Armor Recipe: Enhanced Feathered Leather Armor 27
Feathery Crimson Leather Armor Recipe: Feathery Crimson Leather Armor 27
Scale Armor Recipe: Scale Armor 27
Crystallized Chainmail Recipe: Crystallized Chainmail 28
Microcrystal Chainmail Recipe: Microcrystal Chainmail 28
Leg Guards of Winter's Essence Recipe: Leg Guards of Winter's Essence 29
Enhanced Scale Plate Recipe: Enhanced Scale Plate 29
Junior Captain's Hat Recipe: Junior Captain's Hat 30
Enhanced Junior Captain's Leather Hat Recipe: Enhanced Junior Captain's Leather Hat 30
Leather Captain's Hat Recipe: Leather Captain's Hat 30
Layered Scale Armor Recipe: Layered Scale Armor 30
Chainmail of Winter's Essence Recipe: Chainmail of Winter's Essence 31
Enhanced Chainmail of Winter's Essence Recipe: Enhanced Chainmail of Winter's Essence 31
Dark Crystal leg Armor Recipe: Dark Crystal Leg Armor 31
Enhanced Dark Crystal leg Armor Recipe: Enhanced Dark Crystal Leg Armor 31
Galvanised Helmet Recipe: Galvanised Helmet 31
Dark Shin Guard Recipe: Dark Shin Guard 31
Snow Crystal Chainmail Recipe: Snow Crystal Chainmail 31
White Iron Helmet Recipe: White Iron Helmet 31
Enhanced Forged Helmet Recipe: Enhanced Forged Helmet 32
Hoek leg Guards Recipe: Hoek Leg Guards 32
Hulok's leg Guards Recipe: Hulok's Leg Guards 32
Steel Circlet Recipe: Steel Circlet 32
Tempered Circlet Recipe: Tempered Circlet 32
Moontouch Leather Armor Recipe: Moontouch Leather Armor 33
Enhanced Moontouch Leather Armor Recipe: Enhanced Moontouch Leather Armor 33
Rainbow Leather Armor Recipe: Rainbow Leather Armor 33
Silver Plate Armor Recipe: Silver Plate Armor 33
Enhanced White Iron Helmet Recipe: Enhanced White Iron Helmet 33
Bleak Field Leg Guards Recipe: Bleak Field Leg Guards 34
Enhanced Bleak Field Leg Guards Recipe: Enhanced Bleak Field Leg Guards 34
Bleak Marsh Leg Guards Recipe: Bleak Marsh Leg Guards 34
Enhanced Silver Plate Armor Recipe: Enhanced Silver Plate Armor 34
Helmet of Murmurs Recipe: Helmet of Murmurs 35
Moontouch Leg Guards Recipe: Moontouch Leg Guards 35
Moon Silver Plate Armor Recipe: Moon Silver Plate Armor 35
Ancient Leather Cap Recipe: Ancient Leather Cap 36
Enhanced Ancient Cap Recipe: Enhanced Ancient Cap 36
Rippled Chainmail Recipe: Rippled Chainmail 36
Enhanced Rippled Chainmail Recipe: Enhanced Rippled Chainmail 36
Sunspear Leg Armor Recipe: Sunspear Leg Armor 37
Windchaser's Leg Guards Recipe: Windchaser's Leg Guards 38
Silver Leg Guards Recipe: Silver Leg Guards 38
Sunspear Armor Recipe: Sunspear Armor 39
Windchaser's Leather Armor Recipe: Windchaser's Leather Armor 40
Nature's Breath Leg Guards Recipe: Nature's Breath Leg Guards 41
Helmet of Horror Recipe: Helmet of Horror 41
Plate of the Storm Recipe: Plate of the Storm 42
Dark Leg Armor Recipe: Dark Leg Armor 42
Chainmail of Nature's Chime Recipe: Chainmail of Nature's Chime 43
Raging Helm Recipe: Raging Helm 44
Leg Guards of the Storm Recipe: leg Guards of the Storm 44
Armor of Darkness Recipe: Armor of Darkness 45
Wild Wave Leg Guards Recipe: Wild Wave Leg Guards 45
Enhanced Wildwave Leg Guards Recipe: Enhanced Wildwave Leg Guards 45
Guard's Leg Guards Recipe: Guard's Leg Guards 46
Wildwave Leather Armor Recipe: Wildwave Leather Armor 47
Guard's Chainmail Recipe: Guard's Chainmail 48
Dusty Leather Cap Recipe: Dusty Leather Cap 48
Celestial Helmet Recipe: Celestial Helmet 48
Helmet of Heavenly Prestige Recipe: Helmet of Heavenly Prestige 50
Strong Feathered Leg Guards Recipe: Strong Feathered Leg Guards 50