Armor Crafter's Commission

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Daily Quest
[+] Crafting Festival
 [+] A Mission from the Craftsmen
  [1][Event Daily] Armor Crafter's Commission
Icon - Start Daily Quest.png Start: Burton @ Varanas Central Plaza (Varanas)
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Icon - End Daily Quest.png End: Burton @ Varanas Central Plaza
 XP: 12
 TP: 1
 Gold: 25Gold 
You will receive:

Event Daily quests are repeatable, but only once per day unless a Festival Reset Ticket is used.

Get a Precision Fortified Iron from Naughty Boy in Varanas Lower City West.

Ailes wants you to guess what Ore he has in his pocketsss, and how much, within 30 seconds. You can guess as many times as you need within that time, but when it expires and you restart the correct answer changes.

Crafting Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Crafting Festival (June)
Relevant Topic: A Mission from the Craftsmen