Argyrite Ingot

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Worth: 1,700Gold 
Maximum Stack Size: 999
Recipe Sold by:
Smelting (Refining)
Item mat 51.png
Argyrite Ingot
Worth: 1,700 Gold
Right-click to disassemble into 36 Argyrite.

Recipe - Argyrite Ingot Recipe - Argyrite Ingot
Requires craftlink: unrecognized profession level 96
Raw Materials:
Argyrite Ingot Argyrite Ingot ×1

For information on Gathering from Resource Node objects and where to find them, see Resource Nodes.

At craftlink: unrecognized profession skill level 96, you will earn .07% XP towards your next skill level per successful attempt to make this product.

Gather using Mining (96)
Gathered Raw Material: Argyrite Argyrite
Refine using Smelting (96)
Refine 2 Argyrite Argyrite to make 1 Argyrite Sand Argyrite Sand
Refine 4 Argyrite Sand Argyrite Sand or 8 Argyrite Argyrite to make 1 Argyrite Nugget Argyrite Nugget
Refine 6 Argyrite Nugget Argyrite Nugget or 48 Argyrite Argyrite to make 1 Argyrite Ingot Argyrite Ingot
Recipes sold by: Godotnut Lynn, Sefira Calandar