Arcanium Chamber

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Map of Arcanium Chamber
Zone Information
Continent Candara
Type Public Outdoor
Level Range 87 to 95
Connecting Zones Varanas
Quests Mobs Loot Objects

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The Arcanium Chamber is a global instance which contains the portals to four different instances. These are the Hall of Earth (87), the Hall of Water (90), the Hall of Fire (92), and the Hall of Chaos (95) and are collectively known as the Temple of the Ancient Spirits. Different mobs, all aligned to their instance, can be found in the area directly around the portal and drop the relevant key fragments to that particular portal. 100 key fragments are required to make a key and unlock each portal. Each instance is a more difficult variation of an instance at a lower level and only has one difficulty. This difficulty would be the equivalent to hard mode on a normal instance. Players who die inside each of the four instances will find the resurrection stone in this area.

The entrance to the Arcanium Chamber is located south of the Varanas Class Hall in Varanas. The mobs and bosses inside each instance drop sought after items which can be traded to an NPC outside of the Arcanium Chamber's portal in Varanas. However, because the items that can be obtained from this NPC are of an elevated quality for their level, the items obtained are brown (Special) rather than purple (Rare), the instances are much more difficult than instances of a similar level. Both drops from the bosses and drops from the mobs need to be traded to receive a brown (Special) item.

The Temple of the Ancient Spirits[edit | edit source]

Instance Drops
Subzone Bosses Trash
Hall of Earth Crystal of Compaction Crystal of Compaction
Crystal of Resonance (RW/Ggl)
Earth Essence Earth Essence
Dazzling Earth Essence
Hall of Water Deep Water Crystal (RW/Ggl)
Prismatic Crystal (RW/Ggl)
Water Essence Water Essence
Dazzling Water Essence (RW/Ggl)
Hall of Fire Crystal of Scorching Heat (RW/Ggl)
Red Flame Crystal (RW/Ggl)
Fire Essence Fire Essence
Dazzling Fire Essence (RW/Ggl)
Hall of Chaos Dreamland Crystal (RW/Ggl)
Crystal of Illusion (RW/Ggl)
Voidal Energy Essence Voidal Energy Essence
Dazzling Voidal Energy Essence (RW/Ggl)

Hall of Earth[edit | edit source]

There are four bosses, the first three of whom drop a Crystal of Compaction Crystal of Compaction each and the fourth, who drops a Crystal of Resonance. The mobs found in the interim between bosses occasionally drop Earth Essence Earth Essence. The map is identical to that of Origin's but the mobs and bosses inside the instance are different.

Hall of Water[edit | edit source]

This instance also has four bosses. The first three drop a Deep Water Crystal each and the fourth drops a Prismatic Crystal. The trash mobs of the instance occasionally drop Water Essence Water Essence.

Hall of Fire[edit | edit source]

It has not yet been opened in the Arcanium Chamber. The first three bosses of the instance drop Crystals of Scorching Heat and the fourth drops a Red Flame Crystal. The mobs also occasionally drop Fire Essence Fire Essence.

Hall of Chaos[edit | edit source]

The first three bosses drop Dreamland Crystals and the fourth and final boss drops a Crystal of Illusion. Mobs will occasionally drop Voidal Energy Essence Voidal Energy Essence.