Aotulia Volcano (Quest Series)

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Aotulia Volcano (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneAotulia Volcano
Rec. Levels54 to 55
Previous Savage Lands
Next Thunderhoof Hills
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The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

Aotulia Volcano Quests Dailies Mobs Objects POIs

Epic Quest Series[edit | edit source]

There is only one in this zone.

Daily Quests[edit | edit source]

Daily Quest Summary
Level Quest Ending NPC Start Location Needs XP
55 Giant Caterpillar Steaks Tan Greng Dead Tree Plains Swallow Walker Meat ×5 from Swallow Walkers 115,313
55 Killing the Hunter Duo Bifish Dead Tree Plains Kill 15 Deadwood Hunters 115,313
55 Volcanic Mud Skin Balm Shtike Pula Titans' Hill Camp Collect Flaming Volcanic Mud ×20 from Flaming Volcanic Mud near the Infernal Gate 115,313
55 Claw of Death Chi Visdon Dimarka Deathtouch Iguana Claw ×10 from Deathtouch Iguanas 115,313
55 Plunder Research Data Gale Kloka Yashina's Camp Research Data ×10 from Zurhidon Investigators or Research Materials 115,313
56 Fever and Bristles Walker Duckett Titans' Hill Camp Manticore Mane ×10 from Ferocious Manticores at the Tower of Rage 117,619
56 Flame Feathers Angie Sanburs Titans' Hill Camp Feathers of Flame ×7 from Flaming Wings at the Naga Supply Line 117,619
56 Lava Goblin Armageddon Denny Lafis Titans' Hill Camp Kill 6 each of Lava Diggers, Lava Forgers and Lava Laborers in the Valley of Burning Rocks 117,619
The Study of Demon Soldiers' Weak Points Gale Kloka Yashina's Camp Defeat the Demon Soldier on the road and return the Demon Soldier Remains 117,619

Dead Tree Plains[edit | edit source]

This short chain moves you through all the major areas in this zone
HamanLordelainApat at Titans' HillYashina at Yashina's Camp

  1. [53] Watchtower - Take Trap-Making Materials to Lt. Lordelain at the watchtower in the Dead Tree Plains
  2. [55] Dealing with Scouts - Kill Naga Scouts
  3. [55] Setting Up Traps - Set up traps in front of the watchtower
  4. Raptors and Weapons:
  5. [55] Apat's Plan - Speak to Commanding Officer Apat at Titan's Hill
  6. [55] Help Captain Yashina - Go to Yashina's Camp, near the Steel Bridge of Cremation, and contact the scouts' captain, Yashina

The rest of this chain takes place at Yashina's Camp after Route Blocked.

Duo Bifish

Tan Greng

Titans' Hill[edit | edit source]



Shtike Pula

Walker Duckett

Denny Lafis

Mysterious Torrog - Begins Envoy of the Dragons

  1. [56] Fractured Verge - Ask Torrog who "they" are? (talk to him again to be sent to Aynara)
    • This is the beginning of the massive series of quest series' often referred to as Morrock's Quests, beginning with Envoy of the Dragons - you must be at least level 53 to start this chain

Dimarka[edit | edit source]



Crafting Stations:

Mardike [Elder]

  1. [55] Healing Medicine - Get Otyugh Gallbladder ×10 from Wilderness Otyugh.

Chi Visdon


  1. [55] Lost Mimi - Bring poor, defenseless Mimi back home.
  2. [55] Friendly Trade - Find Blossom.
  3. Gracernia
  4. Molli Gerdoli
    1. [55] Rescued Soldier - Interrupt Molli Gerdoli
    2. [55] Preparing to Set Off - Get Crystal ×6 from Deathtouch Iguana
    3. [55] Using the Equipment - Open the Tool Pouch (contains Bomb ×2 and Secret Whistle), travel through the Dead Tree Plains into the Valley of Burning Rocks, and deliver the Package Package to Elson Jinkerna

Devil's Mouth[edit | edit source]

This chain grants access to the Devil's Mouth and transformed access to the deepest level of Valley of Burning Rocks.

  1. Item-Triggered: Mysterious Crystal Mysterious Crystal - harvested from Mysterious Crystal at 63.3, 74.8
    1. [55] Mysterious Crystal - Talk to Mardike in Dimarka
    2. [55] Legend of Titans' Hill - Listen to Mardike
  2. Injured Scout in Dimarka
    1. [55] An Ambushed Scout - Talk to Apat at Titans' Hill Camp
  3. Apat in Titans' Hill Camp
    1. [55] What Made the Flame Devils Attack? - Talk to Apat about the Flame Devils
    2. [55] Fire Being Reports - Ask the Dimarka Villagers about the Flame Devils, but ultimately, only Mardike [Elder] can help you
    3. [55] Quest to the Infernal Gate - Talk to Strange Metal Fragment at the Infernal Gate
  4. Strange Metal Fragment
    1. [55] The Metal Fragment and the Fire Being - Investigate the metal fragment and defeat the Flame Attacker
  5. Kanya
    1. [55] The Shaman of Dimarka - Answer Kanya's questions
    2. [55] Ceremony - Get Gray Phosphorous Gray Phosphorous ×3 from Ore Piles and Square Crystal Ore Square Crystal Ore ×5 from Lava Laborers in Valley of the Burning Rocks
  6. Falrasian [Flame King]
    1. [55] Respect - Walk out into the middle of the lava and show your respect (/bow) and be transported to the inside of the Devil's Mouth
    2. Split:

Infernal Gate[edit | edit source]

The following quests all deal with Bloodbath Valley. The Naga there are all level 55 Elite.

Order of Dark Glory Officer - unlocked when you complete Warning Appears

  1. [55] A Flame Devil's Subordinate? - Converse with Order of Dark Glory Officer

Yashina's Camp[edit | edit source]

YashinaWilliam HasemGanodaApatDiloss (Gestero's Shrine)

  1. [55] Block? Help? - Use the Dragon Hair Rope to kidnap a Zurhidon Investigator
  2. [55] Ruined Appetite - Get a confession from the captured Zurhidon Investigator (Hint: see the sparkly chest in the tent?)
  3. [55] Supporting the Front Line - Give the Zurhidon Clothing to William Hasem in the Black Snake Camp
  4. [55] Front Line Report - Enter Black Snake Camp, find and help Ganoda
  5. [55] Additional Plans - Get the Ankylar Oil
  6. [55] Secret Operation - Set fire to Supplies and make the signal
  7. [55] Foolish Ganoda - Find Ganoda before it is too late...
  8. [55] "Retreat If You Can't Handle It" - Report to Yashina
  9. Lions and Snakes:

Gale Kloka

Steel Bridge of Cremation[edit | edit source]

Naga Supply Line[edit | edit source]

Lair of the Demon Dragon[edit | edit source]

Boiling Blood Outpost[edit | edit source]

Gestero's Shrine[edit | edit source]

Bloodbath Valley[edit | edit source]

Fractured Verge[edit | edit source]

Naga Acropolis[edit | edit source]

Hall of the Demon Lord[edit | edit source]

Zurhidon Stronghold[edit | edit source]

IF I understand this, in order to enter Zurhidon Stronghold from Hall of the Demon Lord, you need to complete a short quest chain that starts with Sharleedah's Secret Document and ends with [55] Surprise Zurhidon.

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