Annoyed Alice

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[+] Howling Mountains
 [+] Pioneers Colony
  [5] Annoyed Alice
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Alice
Icon - End Quest.png End: Alice

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  1. [5] Singing Passion
  2. [5] Annoyed Alice
  3. [5] The Magical Medicine

You need to be at least Level 3 to receive this quest.


Help [Alice] gather 20 bundles of [Mountain Demon Grass].

Goals: * Mountain Demon Grass 0/20

Protect My Throat
Howling Mountains
Quest Series
Pioneers Colony
The Magical Medicine
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[Woody Woods], always asking for more throat medicine thinking that he is some super star!

If I had a wish, I wish he would stop singing! Hmm... why don't I just make a potion that can stop his singing!

Can you help me gather 20 bundles of [Mountain Demon Grass]? Don't worry its not going to be poisonous. It will only stop him from singing for awhile.

- [Alice]


Rather than making a potion to protect Woody Wood's throat, I should make a potion that would protect everyone's ear!

- [Alice]

On Completion

These materials are perfect!

- [Alice]


  • Experience: 93
  • TP: 9
  • Money: 260 Gold

Protect My Throat
The Magical Medicine
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